10 Awesome Gaming Inspired Birthday Cakes for 2021

gaming cake ideas 2021

Gaming continues to be a growing industry and is becoming more and more mainstream.

Many fans have used their love of games as an opportunity to create some creative cakes based on some of their favorite games.

Here are some of the best gaming themed cakes we found!

Gaming Wedding Cake

Here is a cake posted by reddit user (u/MajesticTechie) posted.

Both him and his wife are gamers and got a wedding cake that fit some of their favorite games even featuring their Destiny characters on top!

gamer inspired wedding cake

GeForce RTX 3080 Cake

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 was the most highly demanded graphics card for PC gamers last year with many places still out of stock.

Reddit user (u/FermentedTNT) mom made them a special cake for their birthday modeled after the graphics card.

geforce rtx 3080 gaming cake

Animal Crossing Cake

Twitter user (@acakeonlife) made an animal crossing themed birthday cake for their daughter which includes her animal crossing character and her house. Very nice details!

animal crossing birthday cake

Mario Birthday Cake

Here is a cake reddit user (u/simple057) made for their kid’s 6th birthday.

I really like how Mario is coming out of the pipe!

mario inspired birthday cake

Portal Cake

The cake turned out not to be a lie.

The original Portal game used cake as an incentive to complete the test chambers, and spawned an internet meme that “The cake is a lie.”

Here reddit user (u/alandenton) received a birthday cake from his wife modeled after the original portal cake.

portal inspired birthday cake

World of Warcraft Horde Cake

Reddit user (u/DragojloTrollHunter) posted this image of a birthday cake his wife made him.

Even as an Alliance player I’m jealous of this cake!

world of warcraft horde birthday cake

Zelda Cake

Here is a cake made by reddit user (u/cakeho) based off of the Link’s Awakening art style.

I really like how the Chain Chomp came out!

zelda gamer birthday cake

Retro Arcade Cake

This is a a retro arcade inspired cake posted by reddit user (u/buckzer0) that features Tetris, Donkey Kong, PAC-MAN and Q*bert.

This one is my personal favorite!

pacman retro arcade birthday cake

Among Us Cake

Reddit user (u/elizatatty) made this cake for his little sisters birthday.

I really like the inclusion of the bone inside the cake!

among us inspired birthday cake

Rocket League Cake

Here is a cake that is a Rocket League arena made by reddit user (u/OscardoesMC)’s parents for their cousin’s birthday.

I love the inclusion of the cars, game ball and the boost pads on the cake!

rocket league birthday cake

Which of these cakes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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