10 Funniest Resident Evil Village Memes May 2021

resident evil village memes

Resident Evil Village has made a huge splash this week with game enthusiasts & meme connoisseurs working overtime.

New jokes about the giant vampire lady & old classics about our man Ethan have began to surface on the web this week. Here are the best memes we’ve sourced this week.

Giant Vampire Lady At Your Service

This Reddit user stumbled upon a glitched lady Dimitrescu who happened to be at the perfect height to … well you know. If you get it, you get it.

Details of what happened next have yet to be disclosed.

Ethan’s Poor Hands

leave ethan's hands alone meme

For context, Ethan always seems to be in some sort of predicament with his hands. In RE7 Mia stabs him in the left hand multiples times. Twice with a screwdriver & once with a knife.

Shortly after she cuts his entire left hand off with a chainsaw.

Then right in the beginning of Resident Evil Village, half of his hand is bitten off by Lycans.

Then he loses an entire hand to lady Dimitrescu. The injuries go on & on, you get the joke.

It All Makes Sense Now

resident evil village powerpuff girls meme

If you’ve ever watched the Power Puff Girls at any point in your childhood, you definitely remember Miss Bellum and her missing head.

Way too many similarities here for it to be a consequence eh?

When You Have a Change of Heart

resident evil village kink memes

Big vampire lady was definitely scary in the trailers & during the early parts of the game. However many are finding themselves with a change of heart as they play on …

Looks like the devs at Resident Evil know exactly how to hype up their next title.

A Little Coronavirus Vaccination Humor

resident evil village vaccination meme

Even though we seem to be near the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, this joke still remains funny. If you happened to get a vaccine at this clinic, you may want to get that checked out …

From Scared to Turned On?

resident evil village lady dimitrescu memes

The endless supply of NSFW & border NSWF Lady Dimitrescu memes really make it hard to fear her.

Unless you’re afraid of giant bums or mommy milkers, Resident Evil village just might turn you on.

Have We Mentioned Ethan’s Hands?

resident evil village ethan's hands meme

The sheer amount of jokes you can make about this poor mans hand mishaps is ludicrous. Will Ethan’s hands get a break in the next game? Most likely not.

Bigger Than the Chief Himself

master chief re village memes

Soo did you have any clue that the giant vampire lady was taller than friggin’ Master Chief? The game makes he look huge, but just think about how massive this woman would be in real life. Holy moly.

Accidentally Sexy Antagonists

re8 memes

Resident Evil is known & has a reputation for being a scary, horrifying & thrilling title.

The devs might have gone to sexy this time, because people just can’t wait to get stomped by the giant vampire vixen.

Chris Evolves

chris resident evil village

Looks like Chris made some changes in his life in the last 20 years. Good for him.

Did you enjoy these memes? If so, comment below & let us know what you think!

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