What Do Llamas Eat In Minecraft?

what do llamas eat in minecraft?

Llamas are one of many neutral mobs in Minecraft and are one of the few mobs, alongside donkeys, that can be used to store and transport items.

Where to Find Llamas?

Llamas spawn natural in herds of 4 in savannahs and herds of 4 or more in mountain biomes.

Llamas can come in four color variants: brown, cream, white, and gray.

What Do Llamas Eat? Taming & Breeding

Llamas are tamed in a similar way to horses. All you need to do is repeatedly ride the llama until you see hearts displayed.

Only tamed llamas can be bred and the required food for breeding llamas are hay bales.

When you feed a llama a hay bale it will have a bunch of hearts around it which means it’s in breeding mode.

Feeding llamas can help them regenerate health.

Llamas can eat both wheat and hay bales. Wheat will restore 2 hearts while a hay bale will restore 10 hearts and also put the llama in breeding mode.

Feeding will also help baby llamas mature faster. Wheat will speed growth by 10 seconds while a hay bale will speed growth by 1:30 minutes.

Utility of the Llama

Alongside donkeys, llamas are the only other mob that can be equipped with a chest and used to transport items.

Once a llama is tamed you can equip a chest on it by right clicking the llama with a chest in your hotbar.

The amount of storage your llama will have is dependent on its strength. With the capacity being equal to 3 * the llamas strength.

Unlike horses and donkeys, llamas do not accept saddles and can only be moved efficiently with leads.

Using a lead on a llama regardless if it’s tamed or untamed will cause other nearby llamas to follow each other creating a caravan.

Llamas can also be equipped with carpets. Each carpet color will have a different patterned rug on the llama.

These carpets can be helpful for color coating your storage llamas.

what do llamas eat in minecraft

Hopefully with this guide you can tame a caravan of llamas and travel around your Minecraft world as a nomad with all of your items!

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