Among Us Mafia Mod: How to Download?

among us mafia mod

The Among Us mafia roles mod adds a new abilities and roles for the imposter in order to deceive crewmates.

Unfortunately the mode isn’t publicly available so in order to play it you will have to join a modded lobby.

What is the Mafia Roles Mod?

The Mafia Roles mod replaces the typical among us imposter. Instead there are now three roles.

among us mafia mod
  • The Godfather: Is basically the same thing as the regular imposter. They can kill and vent as usual.
  • The Mafioso: Is one of the new unique roles. They cannot kill or vent; however, if the godfather is voted off the Mafioso becomes the new godfather.
  • The Janitor: Is another one of the new roles with a unique mechanic. They cannot kill, but they can vent unlike the mafioso. They have the ability to dispose of dead bodies.

How it’s Played:

Since there are now three enemies the crewmates have to deal with the crewmates have to be extra diligent in spotting a mafia member.

If you are the godfather you would play as if you were a regular imposter.

If you end up as the mafioso your goal is to try and deceive the other crewmates and cover for the godfather.

While playing as the janitor you may want to stick close to the godfather in order to clean up any bodies so crewmates can’t discover them. You may want to go solo at other points because some crewmates might think its sus that you’re constantly buddied up with the godfather.

Check out this gameplay video by Bakbak for gameplay of all three roles!

How to Download?

As mentioned above this mod is not available for a public download as of writing this article. The only way to currently play this mod is to be in a modded lobby with someone who does have the mod installed.

Out of all the Among Us mods we’ve covered here at The Helpful Gamer this one is my personal favorite! What do you guys think of this mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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