Among Us Vampire Mod – How to Play and Download?

among us vampire mod

The new Vampire role mod adds a few new mechanics to the game along with some really polished, new visuals.

What is the Vampire Role Mod?

The Vampire role mod allows players to take on the role of a vampire in place of the imposter.

The goal here is to drink the blood of other players and revive them as additional vampires on your side. It takes 12 seconds before a player will rise as a vampire.

You must be quick. If you call a meeting before they can revive – that’s it. The player won’t be able to revive as a vampire if a meeting is called before the 12 second respawn can occur.

Check out BakBak‘s video below for a full recap of the class and its abilities.

Speaking of timers, the Vampire transformation ability also has a 45-second cooldown.

Those with vampire abilities are able to don a newly added pair of wings, ghoulish claws, and a red visor. Once players transform, they can pick up crew members and carry them around the map, and move super fast.

This new mod can create exciting lobbies where players are able to transform other crew members. A fun addition that’s worth noting – if there are three or more vampires on the map, the voting phase is automatically skipped.

I like that this mod went all the way and gives players a brand new, cosmetic look to go along with the class abilities. I think that amount of effort really makes it stand out.

How to play the Vampire Role Mod?

The mod has not been made available to download for public use yet, sadly.

Once the mod is given a download link, however, you can play by having the installed and creating a custom lobby, or finding another lobby that has the mod installed and is willing to play with the Vampire role enabled.

Are you looking forward to checking out the Vampire role mod? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else Among Us, keep it here.

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