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among us stickman role mod

The new Stickman role mod transforms your crewmate & the imposter into a 2D classic stickman character. It also introduces a bunch of new game mechanics & abilities!

What is the Stickman Role Mod?

The Stickman role mod is the latest creative mod trending amongst YouTube streamers this week.

The goal of the game is still the same as the original Among Us game type, but with a stickman twist!

The crewmates must finish their tasks as usual while avoiding the deadly Stickman & his overpowered abilities!

Check out Ssundee’s video reviewing the mod below.

The deadly Stickman has a bunch of powers in this mod, avoid him at all costs!

Deadly Stickman Powers

Erase Crewmates – The deadly Stickman can pick any crewmate that he wants from a list and erase them from the game! This is the same as an assassination in regular mode.

Erase Himself – The deadly Stickman can erase himself and go invisible. This allows him to sneak around the map undetected and take out the other stick shaped crewmates.

The Blackhole – Every 50 seconds the deadly Stickman can place a blackhole anywhere on the map and suck players into it. It can be placed directly on top of a player or black part of the map with it.

Pencil Spear – The deadly Stickman can throw a pencil spear that insta kills any crewmate. The pencil can also be thrown while invisible to add another layer of gameplay.

How to play the Stickman Role Mod?

Sadly, this mod is private & not currently available to the public. YouTuber’s always keep the best for themselves!

Are you looking forward to checking out the Stickman role mod? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else Among Us, keep it here.

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4 months ago

I want to play stickman mod with my friends plssss help me