Biomutant Hypoxia Resistance Guide

biomutant hypoxia resistance

Biomutant’s Hypoxia zones are deadly areas around the map that will / can eventually kill you. In this article we’ll show you how to build resistance to hypoxia & even get rid of it completely.

What Is Hypoxia?

Hypoxia is a status effect in Biomutant that can kill you if exposed to it for extended durations.

When traveling in the Deadzone you will need some form of hypoxia resistance in order to get through & complete your objectives.

How Do You Resist Hypoxia?

There are a few ways to resist / remove the hypoxia effect in Biomutant. You’ll need to take note of these if you want any chance of surviving these zones.

  • Method 1 – Mix & match various armor pieces that have hypoxia resistance. Theoretically you can achieve 100% resistance if you can manage to gather the correct pieces to do so.
  • Method 2 – Drive the Mekton through the zones where the level will allow. The mech is completely resistance to all hypoxia effects.
  • Method 3 – You can spend bio points to upgrade your character’s resistance to hypoxia & others.

While the options above will work to some extent, the best way to completely rid yourself of all hypoxia effects is to find & locate the oxygen suit.

What Is the Oxygen Suit?

biomutant oxygen suit hypoxia resistance

The oxygen suit is a set of equipment in Biomutant which will allow you to travel freely though Deadzone / hypoxia zones.

The suit provides 100% resistance to hypoxia’s effects.

Locating the Suit

Head over to Pingdish 11H (the oxygen Pingdish) & clear out the area so you can access the controls.

Activate the dish & point it in the direction which we show you in the screenshot below. Once you locate the signal you’ll get a short cutscence showing you the location of a tower in the distance.

biomutant pingdish 11h

You will now be directed to travel to Bangshelter 11I which is where the oxygen suit is located.

Note that this area is a heat zone & will kill you just like hypoxia if you don’t have the heat suit or other heat resistant items.

Make your way to the waypoint & collect the oxygen suit.

That is everything you need to know about hypoxia resistance in Biomutant. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

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