How to Make a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft

cobblestone generator

Cobblestone is a vital resource for building in Minecraft. This means that it may be handy to have an infinite supply of cobblestone at your fingertips.

It will save you having to hunt some down when you run out, or even desecrating your carefully laid-out mining tunnels.

Luckily, a cobblestone generator is one of the easiest contraptions that you can build in Minecraft. You won’t even have to use any redstone.

Here, we want to detail the process of building a simple cobblestone generator. The ‘machine’ we are going to teach you how to make will be enough to provide a single person with an unlimited source of cobblestone.

What You Need for a Cobblestone Generator

In Minecraft, cobblestone is generated when water is close to lava, but not touching it. If the water touches the lava, you get Obsidian instead. This means that in order to make a cobblestone generator, you will need the following:

  • A bucket of lava
  • A bucket of water

You will also need your tools to dig some holes.

Yes. There are far more elaborate cobblestone generators than the one that we detail here. However, you don’t really need those. A bucket of lava, a bucket of water, and some well-placed holes should be more than enough to give you unlimited cobblestone.

Building the Cobblestone Generator

There are four steps to building your cobblestone generator. These steps will generate one cobblestone block at a time. When you have mined that block, a new one will appear.

Digging Your First Hole

You can build your cobblestone generator on any surface that you want. As long as you can dig 2 blocks down without any issues, then you can place your cobblestone generator there.

To begin with, you will need to dig a hole that is five blocks long and one block wide. You can make it slightly longer if you want, but there isn’t really any need beyond aesthetics.

Digging a Water Pit

In the large trench that you have just made, you are going to need to build a water pit. This is incredibly important, otherwise, the cobblestone generator won’t work properly. 

Building the water pit is easy. On the second block from left in the trench, dig a second block down. The water should then flow into this small pit rather than the length of the trench. 

Filling the Cobblestone Generator

On the left-most block, place the water from your bucket. The water should then flow into the small pit you created in the previous step.

On the right-most block, place the lava from your bucket.

Mining at the Cobblestone Generator

If you have done things properly, a cobblestone block should appear in the center of your cobblestone generator.

If you mine this cobblestone block, a new one should appear in its place. Congratulations, you now have unlimited cobblestone!

Some people like to build a small extra pit next to the cobblestone block to make it easier to mine, but this isn’t really necessary.

When the new cobblestone block is generated, it should push the previously mined cobblestone block directly into your inventory

Final Word 

You can make this system as elaborate as you want. Some people will create a system that will create multiple cobblestone blocks at a time. This is ideal if you are playing multiplayer.

Some will create an auto mining system so they have unlimited cobblestone with the minimum amount of effort.

No matter what you do, the base structure is always going to be the same. You need to get lava close to water.

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