How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft

how to make an anvil in minecraft

To make an Anvil you will need to combine three Blocks of Iron & four Iron Ingots on the crafting table.

Crafting an Anvil

Crafting an Anvil in Minecraft requires a significant amount of materials & resources. If you are playing in a survival world, it may take you a while to acquire the amount of materials needed.

Follow the steps listed below to start building an Anvil.

  • First, you need to go mining & acquire 31 Iron Ore or Deepslate Iron Ore from caves, etc.
  • Return to base with your Iron Ore & smelt it in the Smelter to create 31 Iron Ingots.
  • Take 27 of your 31 Iron Ingots to the crafting table.
  • Fill the entire 9×9 table with Iron Ingots to craft a single Block of Iron.
  • Do this three times until you have three Blocks of Iron.
  • Finally, follow the recipe shown in the image below to craft the Anvil with your four remaining Iron Ingots.
minecraft anvil crafting recipe

This covers everything you need to know about crafting the Anvil.

You can also find & obtain a naturally generated damaged Anvil in the forge room of the Woodland Mansion.

What Is the Anvil Used For?

The Anvil has quite a few uses which improve the game. We cover the most important & prominent uses below.


minecraft anvil repair

Similar to the grindstone, the Anvil repairs items by combining two similar items.

However, the Anvil differs in that target items retain their enchantments & even have a chance of gaining new ones from the sacrificed item.

For most basic items you must use the base material to repair the target item.

So if you wanted to repair a Diamond Pickaxe you would need to consume raw diamonds in the process.

Tip: If the target item contains the material’s name, this usually indicates that you can use the base material to repair it.

Each material consumed will repair ¼ of the target item’s durability.

This means that when your item is completely damaged it will take four of the base material to repair it back to 100% durability.

Many of the other of items in Minecraft such as the Fishing Rod, Bow & Shears are repaired with another similar item.

Meaning that in order to repair your Fishing Rod, you must destroy another Fishing Rod in order to repair your target Fishing Rod & so on.


minecraft anvil enchanting

Similarly to the Enchanting Table the Anvil has the ability to enchant items but with a slightly different process.

Place an item of your choice in the target slot & an Enchanted Book in the consumable slot. This enchants the target item with whatever enchantment the book contained.

Keep in mind that this costs a decent amount of experience points which scale each time you enchant the same item.


minecraft anvil renaming

The Anvil has the ability to rename basically any item in the game. This is simply a vanity feature for an additional laugh or creative use.

Keep in mind that if you rename an item it will only stack with items that have the same custom name tag.

Can You Repair an Anvil?

You can’t repair an Anvil In Minecraft.

The Anvil has durability & will degrade over time. With every use there is a 12% chance that it will receive damage.

You will notice the damage change stages & display different statuses (chipped, damaged & destroyed)

On average you can expect the Anvil to last at least 25 individual uses (give or take) until reaching the destroyed status & finally breaking.

Note: Surprisingly the state of the Anvil does not effect the ability to use it. So even when marked “chipped” or “damaged” it will function normally.

Wrapping Up

These are the basics of how to make an Anvil in Minecraft & its many uses. We hope you found this guide helpful & wish you many exciting adventures!

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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