How to Tame Cats in Minecraft

how to tame cats in minecraft

You can tame stray cats in Minecraft by using a piece of raw fish such as raw cod or raw salmon on them. You must learn how to approach the cat in order to tame it successfully.

Where Are Cats Found in Minecraft?

Cats & kittens are some of Minecraft’s cutest tamable creatures. They can be challenging to tame & take some effort to find & locate.

Cats spawn in & are found living inside of villages & swamp huts. This means that you will have to do some hunting & exploring in order to locate them.

minecraft cat taming

Tip: Cats spawn in villages but they do not necessarily stay there. They will hunt & explore outside of their spawn zone.

NPC villages can spawn & support up to ten cats or kittens at one time. If the cats spawned with the original creation of the village, they will not despawn.

When a cat or kitten is spawned its appearance is chosen at random. There are currently eleven different skins that a cat can spawn with.

Black cats only spawn at night & can also be found inside of witch huts.

Taming Your First Cat

In order to tame a cat you will first need to acquire some raw salmon or raw cod. Once you have your raw fish head to a village or swamp hut to locate stray cats.

You will need to crouch & sneak with the fish in your hand when you find your first stray cat. Most of the time they will run away from you if you approach them too quickly.

Slowly follow the cat at a distance wish the fish in your hand. It will eventually turn & walk back to you. Stay still until it is in range & use a few pieces of the raw fish on it to tame it.

You will know if it worked when you see the hearts animation above the cat!

minecraft taming a cat

Your tamed cat will now follow you around wherever you go! Creepers & Phantoms are naturally afraid of cats & will keep their distance from you if your cat is around.

Tamed cats do not attack other small animals like stray cats do.

You can leave your cat at home or in a safe place by clicking on it which will make it sit down.

Breeding Cats to Make Kittens

You can only breed cats & get kittens from them when the cats are tamed. You will need to tame two cats before you can breed them.

Once you have two tamed cats all you need is more raw cod or raw salmon to start the process.

Put both of your cats in the same area & use the raw fish on both of them at the same time. You will see the hearts animation & a kitten will pop out when the breeding is successful!

minecraft breeding cats kittens

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about how to tame cats in Minecraft. You can now breed a cat army & take over the world!

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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