Demonfall: All Families List – Buffs, Perks & Abilities

all families in demonfall roblox

Demonfall is a new popular Demon Slayer based game that just dropped on Roblox. In this short article we’ll show you everything we know about the current families & abilities!

Demonfall Families List

Family NameRoll RaritySlayer AbilitiesDemon Abilities
Kamado0.5%+20% experience boost, start with dance of the fire god, learn sun breathing easierExtra resistance to the sun
Tomioka1.0%Start with lunge and shoulder bash, can learn water 11th formNone
Tokito1.0%+10% Experience, Mist 7th formCan learn Moon Breathing
Himejima1.0%+30 health after buff (Gives you blindness & makes your screen blurry)None
Rengoku1.0%+20% Flames damage, Flames ninth formNone
Shinazugawa1.0%25% Faster stomach drain, 25% Faster health regen, can use your scent to attract demons if you aren’t a demonNone
Iguro2.0%Start with dash mastery, +2 WalkSpeed over buffsNone
Haganezuka2.0%Don’t need money to forge items, 5x ore sell priceNone
Agatsuma2.0%At a downed state, enter a 45 seconds berserk state (+50% Damage) with 20% healthNone
Ubuyashiki2.0%2SP on start, +10% Experience. Permanent burn injuryNone
Kanroji2.0%+20% Damage on EVERYTHINGNone
Kocho2.0%Poison anyone that close-rage attacks youNone
Hashibira2.0%Boar head -10% stomach drain and +10% Health regenerationNone
Uzui8.8%No current abilitiesNone
Nakahara8.8%No current abilitiesNone
Kanamori8.8%No current abilitiesNone
Tsuyuri8.8%No current abilitiesNone
Takada8.8%No current abilitiesNone
Urokodaki8.8%No current abilitiesNone
Kuwajima8.8%No current abilitiesNone
Kanzaki8.8%No current abilitiesNone
Terauchi8.8%No current abilitiesNone

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We break down all of the families in Demonfall in this table above. The families are sorted by how rare they are to get from spinning.

Not every family has slayer or demon abilities. Most of the regular families are just plain & don’t have any extra skills or buffs.

Check back often for updates on new families & family abilities!

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about family abilities in Demonfall to make a good choice for your playthrough.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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