How to Make Yen Fast in Demonfall

trinket farming yen making demonfall

Yen is the main currency that is used to purchase things in Demonfall. Check out our guide below on how to get & earn Yen fast!

How to Make Yen Fast in Demonfall

You can earn Yen quickly when you first start in Demonfall by selling trinkets & mining ore. Take a look at our short & simple Yen making methods below.

Selling Trinkets

One of the easiest ways for new players to begin earning Yen in-game is by farming trinkets and selling them for Yen. Some trinkets have better rarities with gold being the most valuable.

A good place you can farm trinkets is in the Hayakawa Village. The trinkets can be found in the hotel building as well as the yards and inside other houses.

5 hours of trinket farming can earn you 25,000+ Yen which is more than enough money in Demonfall.

trinket farming yen demonfall

You can tell something is a trinket if it gives you the “E” to interact option and it looks like a ring, cup, jar, or anything else out of place that looks valuable.

Hayakawa Village also has a vendor that you can sell all your trinkets to making this village one of the best ways to farm trinkets for Yen.

Another option you can use, at your own risk, is an ESP script.

This will allow you to see trinket names through walls and their locations on your HUD (Heads Up Display).

Check out our guide about scripts in Demonfall to determine if you would want to use this method.

Selling Ore

Ore is another commodity you can sell that will earn you some Yen. If you are really focused about making Yen then you should be in the Haganezuka family.

Check out this table which breaks down every family in Demonfall.

This family gives you 5x more Yen for selling ore and also removes the monetary cost to forge items.

One hour of farming ores can net you 30,000+ Yen in that short amount of time. Most likely the best Yen making method currently in Demonfall.

ore mining farming demonfall

To find ore just explore around the map and in caves.

Similar to our trinket guide above, you can also use an ESP script that will show you the locations of ores that you can mine.

Again use these scripts at your own risk.

However, selling ore is almost counter productive because many of the ores you mine will need to used to craft items.

This is why we recommend this method later in the game once you have extra ore that you don’t need for crafting.

Wrapping Up

These are just some simple & easy tips to generate some Yen quickly when playing Demonfall.

What do you think of our Yen making guide? If you have any other Yen making tips leave them in the comments below!

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