Three Sisters & Red Gate: Doodle Champion Island Games

google doodle champion island red gate

In Doodle Champion Island Games, the player can find a sunken red gate in need of repairs. Rebuilding the gate unlocks a new version of the Artistic Swimming minigame, as well as the “Sister Reunion Organizer” trophy. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix the sunken red gate.

Locating the Red Gate

google doodle champion island red gate
  1. Head to the Artistic Swimming area.
  2. Move left across the orange bridge until you reach the shallow water.
  3. Head northwest until you find a small island with the red gate in the center.
  4. Speak to the turtle standing in front of it. This will initiate the search for the three sisters.

Finding the First Sister

google doodle champion island three sisters
  1. Head down to Marathon Beach.
  2. Walk to the right until you see the second hut, and walk inside.
  3. Speak to the first sister, and she’ll ask you what good sports have ever done anyone. Select the “Discipline” dialogue option, and she’ll agree to go back to the gate.

Finding the Second Sister

google doodle champion island three sisters
  1. Go to the Climbing Mountain. Walk northwest past the cabins until you find a set of stairs.
  2. Walk all the way up the stairs until you see a small cave entrance on the right.
  3. Go through the cave, and you’ll find yourself outside. Head across the wooden bridge and up another set of stairs, and the second sister will be waiting at the top.
  4. Talk to her, and she’ll ask why she would want to return to the island. Choose “Money” from the dialogue options, and she will decide to go back to the gate.

Finding the Third Sister

google doodle champion island three sisters
  1. Go to Tanooki City (the skateboarding area).
  2. Head north up the street until you see a house with a red pawprint hanging in front of the door. Walk inside to find the third sister.
  3. Speak with her, and choose “I heard…” from the dialogue options. Then choose “Respect you” when prompted. Once this is done, she will return to the red gate.

Repairing the Red Gate

google doodle champion island red gate
  1. Go back to the sunken red gate.
  2. Talk to the turtle you spoke with before, and he’ll remark that the gate is moving.
  3. Congratulations! The sunken red gate has been repaired!

Wrapping Up

That’s the complete guide on finding the three sisters and fixing the sunken red gate! The sisters can be hard to find, so be sure to look carefully for each one.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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This is brilliant! Thank you!

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no problem hope this helped it tuck me a looooong time to finend this hope it help bye (owner) sorry for the misspelling.

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it was super helpful tysm

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i cant find the third sister. all i could find in that place was the otter who lost their book.