How to Enchant Pets in Pet Simulator X

how to enchant pets pet simulator x

Pet Simulator X received its first official update called the “Fantasy Update” on August 8th, 2021. This huge update brings a ton of new feature such as 24 new pets & the ability to enchant your pets which makes them more powerful.

Enchanting Pets in Pet Simulator X

You can enchant pets in Pet Simulator X by spending 10,000 diamonds on the pet enchanting circle located in the new Fantasy World location.

how to enchant pets pet simulator x

Each time you enchant you will have to pay 10,000 diamonds. The enchant that your chosen pet receives is completely random, so you’ll need some luck to pull a good one.

Note: Every time that you enchant, any previous enchantment on that pet will be deleted, so make sure you really want to do this before going through with it!

What do Enchantments do?

In Pet Simulator X enchantments are boosts & buffs that your pets can have that will make them stronger or provide extra benefits to the player.

pet simulator x enchanting guide

There are currently 3 different types of enchantments:

  • Normal Enchantments – Basic enchantments that give buffs but don’t scale with level.
  • Level Enchantments – Stronger enchantments that can have a level between I & V. Each level makes the buff stronger.
  • Unique Enchantments – Not much is known about these but they are super powerful.

Unique enchantments can have a level between I & V. A level I enchantment provides the least amount of benefit to the player while level V enchantments are super strong & can really be a game changer.

For example the enchantment “Chest Breaker” will allow your pet to do more damage to chests. At level I the buff is 50% damage, but at level III it increases all the way to 150%.

How Do You Get To the Enchantment Circle?

In order to even reach the enchanting circle & begin enchanting your pets, you will need to first travel to the new Fantasy World location.

how to enchant pets pet simulator x

You will first need to unlock every other zone that is currently available in the game to unlock Fantasy Land. It costs 250m coins to open the final vault door before gaining access to the Fantasy Land cannon.

When you open the door you will see a cannon sitting a the end of the room. Jump into it & it will fire you straight into Fantasy Land. On your left (if facing the first gate) you will see the enchanting circle!

Pet Simulator X Enchantments List

  • Charm – Improves your chances of receiving a Bonus while equipped
  • Super Teamwork – Pets will do increased damage when working with this pet
  • Teamwork – Pets do more damage when working together with this pet
  • Agility – Pet moves X faster
  • Chest Breaker – Pet deals X more damage to Chests
  • Coins – Pet earns X more Regular Coins
  • Diamonds – Pet earns X more Diamonds
  • Fantasy Coins – Pet earns X more Fantasy Coins
  • Gifts – Presents damaged by this pet yield X rewards
  • Strength – Pet does X more damage
  • Glittering – Pet randomly spawns diamonds
  • Magnet – Pet can collect orbs for you
  • Royalty – Pet does +100% damage, earns +100% more Diamonds, and moves +50% faster

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know about how to use the new enchanting circle in Fantasy World on Pet Simulator X.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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