How to get Neon & Mega Neon Pets in Adopt Me!

adopt me roblox neon pets mega neon pet

In Adopt Me, there are many fun and funky pets to create. Neons are special, glowing pets that you can create by combining pets. Mega Neons have epic glowing colors that change over time. Neons and Mega Neons were both introduced into the Roblox game via an update during 2020.

Where Do I Create a New Neon or Mega Neon?

adopt me roblox neon pets cave entrance

All Neons/Mega Neons will be born in the same place: at the Neon Cave.

The Neon Cave is located underneath the bridge that connects the Neighborhood to Adoption Island.

adopt me roblox neon pets

The Cave has 4 exterior circles surrounding a large inner circle. Place a pet on each of the exterior circles in the Cave to fuse them into a Neon.

What Pets Do I Need to Create my First Neon?

adopt me roblox neon pets

To create your first Neon, you need to combine 4 pets. There are two requirements: these pets have to be fully grown and of the same kind.

If your pets are not fully grown yet, there are different tasks to do that help increase their ages. Hard work gets the job done!

What Pets Do I Need to Create my First Mega Neon?

adopt me roblox mega neon pets

To create your first Mega Neon in Roblox, combine 4 Neon pets that are the same kind and are fully developed.

This means that each Mega Neon begins with 16 total regular pets, 4 to create each Neon.

What are the Growing Stages for Neon Pets?

adopt me roblox mega neon pets

The growth/age stages for Neon pets are named differently than for regular pets, but the total number of stages are the same.

Also, the process for maturing pets doesn’t change. This is what to call equivalent growing stages for Neon pets:

  • Reborn = Newborn
  • Twinkle = Junior
  • Sparkle = Preteen
  • Flare = Teen
  • Sunshine  = Post Teen
  • Luminous = Full Grown

Will my Potions Stay in Effect for Neon Pets?

adopt me roblox neon pets riding potions

Yes, any potions that are used on regular or Neon pets who are transformed into Neon or Mega Neons will stay in effect.

Fly and ride abilities will not wear off! Tip: only use 1 pet who has potions in the merging process while making Neons. This way, you will keep the effects of the potion without using more potions than you need.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are familiar with these flashy and colorful pets, it’s time to dive into Adopt Me! and start leveling up! Soon you will be merging many brilliant Mega Neons. Have you made any neon/mega neons? What do you think of them?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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