Brookhaven RP NEW Houses & Hidden Safe Locations (August 2021)

brookhaven august update new houses

Brookhaven received a new update this week that added two branded new houses & some other small changes. As we know there are always hidden safes in each house, so in this article we’ll show you where the safes are located in the two new RP houses.

New Hidden Safe Locations

There are two new RP houses in the August 20th update which means there are two new hidden safes. Follow the steps below to find each one!

Free House Hidden Safe

The new free house has a hidden safe that is tucked away in the ceiling on the second floor. It is located above the long mirror in the hallway. Click the square above the mirror to drop down an elevator.

Jump onto the elevator & ride it into the roof. The hidden safe is located in the very back part of the attic!

brookhaven free house hidden safe

Premium House Hidden Safe

Along with the update is a new premium house that you will have to pay for with Robux / gamepass to get. This house is also super cool & also comes with its own hidden safe just like the new free house.

The hidden safe in this house is located behind a secret door that is activated by the shower. Click the shower head & the door will open up to another room with a ladder inside of it.

Run to the end of the room to access the hidden safe that is sitting back there!

brookhaven hidden safe shower premium house

Those are the only two new safe locations that came with this update. Make sure to check out the brand new free house & see if you like the design. Many players have said that it is the nicest & biggest free house design that you can get currently.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know about where the new hidden safes are located. Remember that the money in the safe is just for roleplay & can’t be converted into items or robux!

We hope that you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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