How to Download FNF Vs. Stickman Mod

fnf vs stickman mod jzboy

In this guide we show you how to download & play the FNF Vs. Stickman mod for PC. Stickman is a popular character from an animation series by YouTube animator Jzboy. This mod is fun to play & a nice tribute & reminder for fans of the series.

How to Download FNF Vs. Stickman Mod

  • Go to & search for the mod or visit the page directly using this link
  • Click the “manual” download link to begin downloading the files (use the alternate links if you have issues)
  • When the files are downloaded extract .zip file where you want it (desktop, downloads, etc)
  • Open up the new folder with the extracted files
  • Click the “.exe” file & launch the game
  • You can now play the FNF Vs. Stickman mod!

What is the Stickman Animation Series?

stickman animation jzboy fnf

Stickman is a popular animation series by well-known internet animator Jzboy. He created the series back in 2015 and quickly rose to popularity amount the gaming & animation communities.

His most popular series was Stickman in Terraria animations which have racked up tens of millions of views on YouTube since he began producing them.

Jzboy seems to have plans to revive the series starting with this new crossover with the FNF modding community. We hope you enjoy this mod & it brings back memories from the famous animations!

Mod Features

fnf vs stickman mod wrath soul secret song


There are 6 playable songs that are available in the FNF Vs. Stickman mod. If you pay close attention you can hear references / inspiration from other FNF songs while playing these.

  • Sticking Song
  • Stickman Fight Song
  • Serious Song
  • Boombox Song
  • Stickman Bopeebo Song
  • Wrath Soul Song (Hidden track)

The Wrath Soul hidden song Vs. the girl can be accessed by selecting the “Wrath Soul” video near the bottom of the working YouTube page. Clicking this video will launch the hidden song.

When close to defeat the girl will transform & begin to levitate in the air. She looks super cool and also shoots lasers.

When you beat this hidden song you will be presented with a hidden ending /cutscene & a teaser for Wrath Soul 3.


As with most FNF community made mods, this mod comes with a few awesome animations / cutscenes to enjoy between songs. This mod has 3 super funny & well-crafted scenes to watch.

Each scene is animated by the Stickman series creator himself Jzboy.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about the FNF Vs. Stickman mod & how to download it. Check back often for more guides & information on all of the latest FNF mods!

We hope that you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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