Can Money Trees Die in Adopt Me! on Roblox?

adopt me! money tree roblox

Adopt Me! Roblox has a rare Money Tree item that generates money and can be purchased while editing your home! Many players have been wondering if these awesome trees die if you don’t take care of them. In this article we’ll clear up all of your Money Tree questions!

How Money Trees Work in Adopt Me! Roblox

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Money trees are a rare item you can buy in Adopt Me!. To find and purchase this “rare” item, all you need to do in go to your house and click “edit house”.

Go to stuff, and then to the rare category! The money tree will be in with all the other rare items. It costs $1,450 bucks to buy.

Once you purchase your tree and find a place for it, it starts generating you money throughout the day. Your tree will generate no more than $100 bucks per real life day. This is to make sure bucks don’t become worthless overtime.

money tree adopt me! roblox

To collect the money, all you do is click on your tree. It will give you $8 bucks right after you purchase, then it seems to generate about $8 every 30 minutes.

Think before purchasing more than one tree! Even if you have multiples, you trees will only generate $100 bucks per day collectively. Don’t invest too many bucks buying up a ton of trees for your house.

Can Adopt Me! Money Trees Die?

money trees adopt me! roblox

A lot of Adopt Me! players seem to be wondering if your money trees can die! Although it may seem logical that a plant will die if it’s left alone too long, Money Trees do not die.

You can leave your house and do whatever you need to, when returning home, you will see that your tree is still there and alive! Even if you log off or go on vacation for a while, your trees will be at home waiting for you.

So no need to worry, your money tree will continue to generate you a daily $100 bucks as long as you have it.

Wrapping Up

This is everything you need to know about Money Trees in Adopt Me! Do you have a money tree? Do you think purchasing one is worth it?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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