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24k goldn challenge roblox twilight daycare

Twilight Daycare recently updated their “24kGoldn Challenge Completed” badge, which leads you to unique Roblox avatar items in the future. In this guide, we will help you finish 24kGoldn’s Quest in no time!

How to Get the 24kGoldn Challenge Completed Badge?

Launch Twilight Daycare.

Once inside the Twilight Daycare building, 24kGoldn will be near the front door (around the red and blue balloons).

Press E to talk to him. He is hosting a scavenger hunt, and you will have to search for four different emeralds. You will be looking for Gold, Red, Green, and Blue emeralds.

You can win three of these by finishing challenges at the El Dorado Pyramid. The Gold Emerald is hidden “somewhere on the map.”

How To Get The Gold Emerald in 24kGoldn Challenge?

Go outside of your building, and you will find the Gold Emerald. It is next to the red “Bumper Cars” signage.

Collect the emerald.

Next, head for the El Dorado Pyramid by following the yellow arrow on your head. When you get to the bottom of the pyramid, a blue circle will teleport you to the top.

How To Survive The Challenges At El Dorado Pyramid?

There are three portals atop El Dorado. Each contains a puzzle leading to each of the three remaining Emeralds.

Maze (Red Emerald)

The first portal is named the “Maze,” this will lead you to the Red Emerald.

Press E to enter the maze, and once inside, head straight and go left. Walk straight ahead, and you will find a red rose.

Cross over the hump and go right twice. Turn left at the first open corner. Once at the crossroads, go left again. You will find the Red Emerald.

Pick the Door (Green Emerald)

The next room is called the “Pick the Door” activity. Again, this is self-explanatory: choose the right door to get the Green Emerald. There are no consequences in choosing the wrong door/s.

Doing this will only redirect you back to the room full of doors. However, if you want to make it easy, the Green Emerald should be in the middle door on the left side.

Find the Key (Blue Emerald)

The last room is called “Find the Key.” This will open a safe (in the middle of the room) that leads you to the Blue Emerald.

There will be “gems” inside hills of sand in this room. Walk around to find the key. Tip: Start on the right side. The key is behind the wall.

Once you’ve found all the emeralds, 24kGoldn will congratulate you and give you your reward.

Wrapping Up

This is everything you need to do to win the 24kGoldn Challenge. Once rewarded with your badge, you will be a step closer to unlocking exclusive 24kGoldn avatar items on Roblox.

Hopefully, you had fun! The 24kGoldn Challenge is an easy win for any Roblox player, including you. What did you think of this Challenge? Was it too easy for you or just right?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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