400 Bad Request in Roblox: How to Fix This Annoying Error

error 400 bad request roblox

The Roblox Error 400 is an incredibly common issue faced by Roblox players. In the vast majority of cases, the issue will clear up quickly. In other situations, you may have to try a few different techniques to get your Roblox working again. We will go over all of the ways to fix this error in this article!

What Causes the Roblox Error 400?

The Roblox Error 400 can happen when you are browsing the Roblox interface e.g. looking at a user’s profile, browsing the game list, or looking at the shop.  This is because the Roblox interface is essentially a web browser.

The Error 400 issue that you encounter on Roblox is exactly the same as an error 400 you would encounter through a traditional web browser. It means that there is an issue with the way in which the client is sending information and the server is receiving it.

We don’t want to get too technical here, so let’s just give you a brief rundown of how a situation that leads to the Roblox Error 400 may pan out:

  • You make a ‘request’ to the Roblox server to show you a particular user’s profile.
  • This request is sent over the internet.
  • The Roblox server receives the information and thinks “hmm, this information is not how I expected to receive it”
  • The Error 400 message is shown.

How Do You Fix the Roblox Error 400?

So, now we know that the issue is likely going to be on your end as opposed to the Roblox end. How do we fix it? Well, there are a few things that you can do.

Before we talk about these methods, we do want to point out that sometimes it can be the fault of the Roblox servers. If the servers are down or not working correctly, then the Error 400 can appear.

We recommend that you check the server status page if it is an issue that has only just started to happen.

Restart Roblox

A lot of people find that the issue starts to appear after a long gaming session with Roblox. Therefore, restarting Roblox may help to clear up the cache and, ultimately, deal with Error 400.

Check Your Firewall

If you have a firewall on your computer, then you may want to check whether Roblox is allowed through it. You will need to consult the manual for your particular Firewall to know how to do this.

Disable Your Antivirus

If the first two methods don’t work, then disable your antivirus. Make sure to turn it back on when you stop playing Roblox, though!

Reinstall Roblox

Finally, if nothing else seems to be working, then uninstall Roblox. You can then reinstall it.

Since the issue is likely going to be a problem with the client (i.e. your installation), then uninstalling and reinstalling effectively resets all of the settings. This will also ensure that the latest updates are installed.

Wrapping Up

That is everything you should know on the Error 400/Bad Request in Roblox. If you happen to come across this, now you should know just how to resolve the problem!

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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