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6 star kirito all star tower defense

6-Star Kirito (Omega) is a new unit that was released on July 4th, 2021. There are mixed feelings about his effectiveness & if he is the new meta or not. Find out more below!

6-Star Kirito (Omega) Stats & Abilities

There are mixed reviews about the new Kirito that was added in All Star Tower Defense.

Some say that he is the new meta while others are saying that he is complete trash & a waste of money.

To create him you must combine:

  • Kirito (x2)
  • Ice Soldier (x2)
  • Ice Soldier II (x2)
  • Ice Soldier III (x1)

You can make your own decision after reading through our breakdown below.

His damage is really good & possibly meta. However his range is pretty trash & it gets even lower at higher levels (from 40-20).

Attack wise his AoE attack / effect is strong & even has a higher area than his actual range.

His SPA is also really slow & many players have pointed it out saying that it’s really not that good.

Take a look at his base levle 1 stats below.

6-Star Kirito (Level 1)CostDamageRangeSPADPS
Upgrade 16001,500406250
Upgrade 27502,250406375
Upgrade 31,0003,000508375
Upgrade 41,2504,250508531.25
Upgrade 527,50011,75020101,175
Upgrade 627,50019,25020111,750
Upgrade 730,00026,75020112,431.82
Upgrade 830,00034,25020113,113.64

Maxing Out 6-Star Kirito

It is worth mentioning that 6-star Kirito is also a hybrid unit. When maxed out at upgrade 8, he becomes an air unit as well.

Still many players are not convinced that he is worth the effort or money to unlock & upgrade. It will cost you 120k to fully upgrade Kirito to level 8.

However, if you are a fan of 6-star Kirito, you should also know about his max stats when he is fully leveled up to level 80 & maxed at upgrade 8.

6-Star Kirito (Level 80)CostDamageRangeSPADPS
Upgrade 16002,685406447.5
Upgrade 27504,027.5406671.25
Upgrade 31,0005,370508671.25
Upgrade 41,2507,607.5508950.94
Upgrade 527,50021,032.520102,103.25
Upgrade 627,50034,457.520113,132.5
Upgrade 730,00047,882.220114,352.95
Upgrade 830,00061,307.520115,573.41

As you can see his damage really starts to get crazy when you max him out. Yet he is still super slow.

When combined with Erwin support characters, 6-star Kirito will increase to a maximum damage of 180k!

6 star kirito all star tower defense

If you love DPS & damage based units, then Kirito is for you.

However if you think he is too slow & expensive to get, you may want to consider GT Goku which is another new unit that dropped.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know so far about using 6-star Kirito in the latest All Star Tower Defense update.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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