Advent Calendar in Adopt Me!: How to Open & Claim Your Daily Gift

advent calendar adopt me! winter update

Adopt Me! just came out with their new Winter update this week! With the update came an Advent Calendar, just like previous years. In this article we will go over exactly what you need to do to get your gift every day!

How to Open the Advent Calendar Doors

If you didn’t know already, a big part of this years Winter Update in Adopt Me! is the Advent Calendar! It’s located in the new Winter Wonderland area, and you can log in daily to earn a gift from each of the 25 doors.

You can only open one door a day and you only have a set amount of days to get every single door. For door number 25 we will get a new pet puppy!

Just follow these simple steps to figure out how to open each door daily, and earn your gifts:

  1. First head over to the Winter Wonderland area.

    winter wonderland adopt me!

  2. After you’re over the bridge and in front of the shop, go right past the Festive Deliveries Truck, and over the next bridge.

    festive deliveries truck adopt me!

  3. Now you should be right in front of the Advent Calendar!

    advent calendar adopt me!

  4. Walk up to it and you’ll find an elf holding a sign that says “Advent Calendar will be available in: 00:00:00”.

    advent calendar adopt me! winter update

  5. You will have to wait about 3-5 minutes before opening the door.
  6. After the time is up just walk up to the elf and press “E” to teleport to the door!

    advent calendar adopt me! update

  7. Now walk close to the door and press “E” to claim your gift!

    adopt me! update festive top hat

Each day there will be a new gift to claim from the calendar! We’re on day 25 of the Winter Event and there have been 25 doors to open! Here is what we got so far:

  • Day 1 / Door 1: Gingerbread Face Flying Disc
  • Day 2 / Door 2: 300 Bucks
  • Day 3 / Door 3: 3,000 Gingerbread
  • Day 4 / Door 4: Festive Top Hat
  • Day 5 / Door 5: 300 Bucks
  • Day 6 / Door 6: Festive Scarf
  • Day 7 / Door 7: 4,000 Gingerbread
  • Day 8 / Door 8: Pickle Elf Chew Toy
  • Day 9 / Door 9: 300 Bucks
  • Day 10 / Door 10: Translucent Tea Potion (10 min)(x2)
  • Day 11 / Door 11: Festive Star Pin
  • Day 12 / Door 12: 5,000 Gingerbread
  • Day 13 / Door 13: Icicle Pogo Stick
  • Day 14 / Door 14: Big Brew Potion (10 min)(x2)
  • Day 15 / Door 15: 300 Bucks
  • Day 16 / Door 16: Candy Cane Grappling Hook
  • Day 17 / Door 17: 5,000 Gingerbread
  • Day 18 / Door 18: Festive Stocking Shoes
  • Day 19 / Door 19: Eggnog Hat
  • Day 20 / Door 20: 300 Bucks
  • Day 21 / Door 21: Candy Cane
  • Day 22 / Door 22: Gingerbread House Throw Toy
  • Day 23 / Door 23: 10,000 Gingerbread
  • Day 24 / Door 24: Festive Ice Skates
  • Day 25 / Door 25: St. Bernard

Wrapping Up

This is all you need to know to get your daily gift from the Advent Calendar! Have you done your daily log in and gotten your gifts? What gift is your favorite?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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15 thoughts on “Advent Calendar in Adopt Me!: How to Open & Claim Your Daily Gift”

  1. I haven’t been getting on adopt me lately and I was wondering if I can get all my gifts I’ve only got the first one and 300 bucks

    1. No you can’t get the items for the days you missed. But you can trade with other people to get the pet accessory you missed. Hope this helped

      1. Omg wait so if you miss 2 days u only Miss out on those ones but u still can carry on with the rest do you stay on the day you missed or does it go to the day it’s meant to?

    1. Hi hope u never get scammed

      Nope. But u can try trading ( if it is not currency). I missed my 6th day surpris (it is an accessory) but now i m gonna trade a vehicle for it( specifically an imagination box). Tell me if is a good trade or a bad one.

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