All Breathing Styles In Demonfall

all breathing styles in demonfall

If you’re new to Demonfall, then you’ll need to know a thing or two about breathing, a fundamental part in defining your playstyle. This guide will show you how to improve your skills throughout the world of Demonfall.

All Breathing Styles In Demonfall

As of right now, Demonfall features a total of five breathing styles, with the developers intending on releasing more in the future. The available breaths include flame, mist, thunder, water and wind.

Each breath is obtained by different means, from a range of NPCs across the map.

This guide will help explain where and how to train each breath.

How to Get Fire Breathing In Demonfall

demonfall fire breathing guide

Fire breath is considered to be one of the easiest breaths to acquire. This requires you to visit White Peaks and find Flame Trainer Rengoku.

The NPC will then ask you to bring him 20 demon horns and then defeat the Ax Demon, who will drop a demon collar.

Once these steps have been completed, Rengoku will teach you the First Form: Unknowing Fire, with the other forms then being available in your skill tree.

The passive ability sets your sword ablaze, and any hit will set your opponent alight.

How to Get Wind Breathing In Demonfall

how to get wind breathing in demonfall

The method of obtaining Wind Breath is very similar to that of Fire Breath. First of all, you’ll need to visit Grimm in Okuiya Village. Once you’ve spoken with him, you’ll need to obtain 20 demon horns.

Return them to him and a you will then have to defeat him in combat to prove your worthiness.

With this encounter complete, you’ll have unlocked the First Form: Dust Claw, along with the passive ability to move faster when walking and sprinting

How to Get Water Breathing In Demonfall

how to get water breathing in demonfall

From now on, the breath quests are much more difficult compared to the prior two – no more fetch quests!

To learn water breath, head over to the Coast Forest and speak with the Water Trainer. You’ll be greeted with a rather steep price – 2000 yen.

Once you’ve scrounged up enough money and handed it over, you’ll be sent to an obstacle course in which you have to beat within 5 minutes.

Finish this, and you’ll then have to attack a boulder until you’ve completely drained its health.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll finally be given Water Breath’s First Form: Surface Slash, and a passive that increases your breath bar by 15% for every successful hit you land with your blade.

How to Get Mist Breathing In Demonfall

how to get mist breathing demonfall

The requirements for Mist Breath are very similar to that of Water Breath, so ensure you have at least 2000 yen beforehand.

Go to the Frosty Forest and locate Mist Breath Trainer Tokito and hand over 2000 yen. You’ll then be sent to a maze, navigate your way through until you’ve found Tokito.

You now have Mist Breath unlocked.

How to Get Thunder Breathing In Demonfall

how to get thunder breathing in demonfall

Next is the second most expensive breath in the game – Thunder. Before setting off into the Coastal Forest once more, visit a soup shop and buy 20 as they are vital for this quest.

Once you’ve gotten to the Coastal Forest, keep a look out for a cherry blossom tree besides a small shack – this is where you’ll find the trainer.

Hand the 20 soups over to him, he’ll then tell you to deliver a message to the Slayer Corp. Return to the trainer once more and hand over a whopping 4000 yen.

The First Form: Thunder clap is unlocked, along with a passive ability which electrifies your sword, granting more damage.

How to Get Insect Breathing In Demonfall

demonfall insect breathing

Insect Breath is the newest addition to the Demonfall breaths and the most expensive.

First of all, make your way to the Demon Slayer Corps and find Insect Trainer Shinobu – you can find her near Usso’s building, on the roof of the tavern. If you happen to have 10,000 yen then you’ll be able to acquire the insect breath.

Upon purchase, you’ll be given the usual passive and first form and, unlike the other breaths, a unique sword which will override your current Nichirin.

The First Form given is Dance of the Butterfly and the passive adds poison to your blade, dealing 3 damage over 5 seconds which can even be stacked.

Resetting Your Breathing

black merchant demonfall

If you find yourself disliking your breathing, there are a variety of methods available to completely reset them. Here they are:

  • Breath Indict: Another item available from the Black Merchant, this potion will only reset your Breath. However, purchasing from the Black Merchant costs 3000 yen and what you receive is randomized, so be careful!
  • Wipe Potions: This potion will grant a full reset to your character progression as well as 3 family spins. You can either obtain this potion from the Black Merchant or with the one-use code WIPEPOTION – to use this, type !code WIPEPOTION in the chat.

Wrapping Up

So there they are, all currently available Breaths and how to acquire them as well as the known methods of resetting them.

Hopefully, you found this guide useful and you’ve obtained the breath you want. Stay tuned, though, as The Helpful Gamer will be bringing many more guides on Demonfall as the games receives updates and new content.

Which breath is your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments!

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