All Cameras & Prices In YouTube Simulator Roblox

all cameras in youtube simulator roblox

YouTube Simulator is a new popular game that you can play on Roblox. It allows you to simulate the life of a famous YouTuber. Gain views, subscribers & decorate your gaming room!

All Cameras In YouTube Simulator

This is a list of every camera that you can buy in YouTube Simulator on Roblox. You will have to earn a lot of money in order to unlock the final camera.

There is also a secret camera hidden in the upgrades room behind a door. It is the most expensive camera in the game. It costs $13,632,698,670,470.

CameraCostVideos Per Click
Ancient Camera$362
Standard Camera$853
Fold Camera$1425
Photo Camera$1799
Hold Camera$25016
Video Camera$73129
Old Camera$2,51650
Box Camera$6,56188
Stick Camera$12,340154
Ball Camera$21,522471
Large Camera$51,999825
Lava Camera$185,8701,444
Log Camera$523,6102,527
Laser Camera$1,101,4484,422
Ice Camera$1,645,8147,738
Space Camera$2,010,27213,541
Handled Camera$93,806,593126,999
Camera Gun$152,378,003222,248
Jungle Camera$188,995,659388,933
Ray Camera$916,953,0701,191,108
Luv Camera$3,043,441,4942,084,439
Lazer Cam$13,261,534,8736,383,596
Insane Camera 3000$17,306,997,04011,171,292
SuperBot X$22,670,877,87819,549,761
Alien Camera$60,350,037,65534,212,082
Sun Camera$209,450,555,34459,871,144
Weird Guy Eating Camera$561,935,208,401104,774,502
Extreme 200$1,085,461,490,611183,355,379
Blue Ray$1,521,335,289,179320,871,913
Ultimate Tuber$1,842,359,224,509561,525,848
Secret Camera$13,632,698,670,4701,719,672,911

Wrapping Up

That is everything you need to know about every camera available in YouTube Simulator! This is a fun & well developed game that as a lot of potential.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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