All Delta-One Challenges Fortnite Guide (Gears of War)

fortnite delta one crimson omen spray

Fortnite just dropped a brand-new Gears of War inspired update today, December 9th, 2021. With this update comes a few new Delta-One challenges that you can complete to earn some cool GoW rewards. We’ll show you how to complete every challenge below!

Collect 3 Cog Tags

Starting from the top of the list, the first Delta-One challenge is to collect 3 Cog tags which are scattered throughout the map.

The first Cog tag can be found just north of Logjam Lumberyard. You should see it lying on the ground next to a boulder. If you are facing the back of the main building, the tag will be on your right side. Refer to the picture below to get an idea of where it is located.

The second Cog tag is located on the north side of Shifty Shafts. Look for a red metal container pushed up onto a large pile of rocks. The tag will be sitting on the ground right next to the red container & rock pile. See image below.

fortnite cog tag locations delta-one challenge

The 3rd & final Cog tag that you will need to find is located underneath the giant red bridge that is south-west of Shifty Shafts. The tags will be sitting on the base of the bridge near the steps.

This area is not marked / named on the map, so use the image below to quickly find the location on your map.

cog tag locations fortnite delta one

Crouch Behind a Barrier

The next challenge is to crouch behind a barrier. This must be a specific barrier in the game that is marked with the famous Gears of War logo. Follow the steps below to find the barrier quickly. It’s easy to find & only takes a second to complete.

Make your way to Greasy Grove. In the center of the town you will see a red & blue building that looks like a vehicle repair shop. Out front of the shop you will find the barrier marked with the Crimson Omen logo.

crouch behind a barrier fortnite delta one

Crouch down & slowly walk around the barrier until you see the challenge completion notification pop up on your screen.

Damage Opponent With Melee Attack

This challenge is pretty straightforward. Find yourself a melee weapon & get up close to an enemy. You only have to damage them in order to get the challenge, but always go for the kill.

damage opponent with melee attack fortnite delta one

Do Shotgun Damage to an Opponent

This one is just as simple as the melee damage challenge. Find yourself a shotgun & get up close to the action. Once again you don’t have to land the kill, just damage them. Shouldn’t take too long to accomplish.

do shotgun damage to an opponent fortnite delta one

Collect Thrashball Memorabilia

The final challenge you will need to complete requires the collection of Thrashball memorabilia. You will need to collect three pieces of memorabilia around the map similar to the Cog tags.

The first piece of memorabilia can be found basically in the dead-center of the map in the large snowy area west of the Sanctuary. Look for a poster partially buried in the snow next to the large iceberg with stairs connected to it.

thrashball memorabilia fortnite delta one

The next piece that you will need to grab is located just around the corner from the first piece. Run around the right side of the iceberg & behind it you will see a glowing Thrashball sitting next to a campfire, pick it up.

thrashball memorabilia location fortnite delta one

The final piece is also not very far away. Turn around & continue running south until you see a bus partially buried in the snow. Inside of the bus you will find the last piece of memorabilia which is a giant foam finger.

That completes every challenge necessary & you will unlock the Crimson Omen spray as a tribute to the classic Gears of War franchise.

thrashball memorabilia location fortnite delta one

Images courtesy of HarryNinetyFour on YouTube

Wrapping Up

Those are all of the steps you need to take in order complete the Delta-One challenges in the latest Fortnite Chapter 3 update. Are you a Gears of War fan?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns about completing these latest Fortnite challenges.

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