As with every Roblox game, Anime Fighting Simulator X has many gamepasses for sale that are meant to improve your player experience. In this guide, we’ll break down every available gamepass, what each does & if it’s worth buying.

All gamepasses in Anime Fighting Simulator X

  • Fast Travel (49 Robux): You can interact with all the bus stations around the map and fast travel between them.
  • Auto Click (99 Robux): Auto-trains whatever ability you have equipped so that you can AFK grind.
  • Conceal Power (159 Robux): Hides the power level above your head so that enemy players don’t know your power level. Good for stomping noobs if you are maxed.
  • Chakra Healing (199 Robux): Regenerates your health when using the Chakra training stance.
  • +100 Champions Slots (249 Robux): You can store an additional +100 Champions in your inventory on top of the default 24 slots.
  • Luck (299 Robux): Increases your chances of receiving a rare Champion when opening Champion pods—stacks with boosts and Super Luck gamepass.
  • +3 Champions Open (399 Robux): You can hatch 3 Champions when opening pods instead of the standard one at a time.
  • VIP (599 Robux): Adds the word “premium” under your tag, a VIP tag in public chat & also grants you daily VIP rewards.
  • Dragon Mount (799 Robux): Unlocks the Dragon Mount (Shenron from DBZ), which allows you to fly around the map on a giant dragon.
  • Reduce Cooldowns (899 Robux): Reduces the cooldown of all of your abilities by 25%, which allows you to overpower enemies and use powers faster.
  • Super Luck (999 Robox): Further increases your Champion pod luck and stacks with boosts and regular Luck gamepass.
  • Fruit Tracker (2,499 Robux): Alerts you when a Devil Fruit spawns on the map and tells you to have far away from it you are. It dramatically increases your chances of finding free fruits.

Overall, if you want to spend a few Robux on gamepasses in AFSX, then your money will probably be best spent purchasing Fast Travel and Auto Click. The cheapest passes provide the most value to the average player.

These will allow you to move around quickly and also AFK grind so you can do other things while leveling up.

However, if you’re a dedicated pro player who likes to spend money, then in addition to those two gamepasses, I think +100 Champions Slots, +3 Champion Opens, Reduced Cooldowns & Fruit Tracker are essential for you to have.

These will give you a significant advantage over other players in both combat power & ability to find & collect resources faster.

The choice is up to you and your play style.