If you’re one of those players who like to challenge themselves to the next level, you’re probably running on Hardcore Apocalypse mode in Remnant 2. Adding “Hardcore” to any difficulty mode means that you only have one life throughout the game, and dying is not an option for your character.

This added layer of difficulty comes with greater rewards. However, many people think there are different rewards if you play in Hardcore Apocalypse versus any other difficulty with Hardcore. This article will tackle all the rewards in Hardcore Apocalypse and also shed light on whether playing in this immense difficulty setting is even worth it.

All Hardcore Apocalypse Rewards List and Explanation

Below is a list of the rewards you can get for Hardcore Apocalypse in Remnant 2. We’ll note what you can get by playing standard Apocalypse and Hardcore on any difficulty.

Hardcore Rewards:

You can get all the Amulets through Reggie’s shop after beating HC on any difficulty and the Savior through Brabus after HC Veteran.

  • Savior – Veteran Difficulty
  • Ahanae Crystal – Beat Yaesha.
  • Daredevil’s Charm – Beat Root Earth.
  • Dran Scavenger Ring – Beat Losomn
  • Drzyr Sniper Sigil – Beat N’Erud
  • Provisioner Ring – Beat Labyrinth

Apocalypse Rewards:

You can buy these weapons through Brabus and Amulet through Reggie after completing Apocalypse (Hardcore or Standard).

  • Starkiller
  • World’s Edge
  • Devoured Loop

This list is based on this player’s list from Reddit. The player stated that it came from the official Discord of Remnant 2, wherein many players contribute to the discoveries of most items.

Is it Worth it to Do a Hardcore Apocalypse Run in Remnant 2?

ward 13 at night in remnant 2

Hardcore Apocalypse mode might be your perfect difficulty if you want a true challenge. However, if you’re only looking to grind for rewards, we, along with other veteran players, recommend these playthroughs:

  • Apocalypse – Standard
  • Veteran – Hardcore

The reasoning for these playthroughs is that there are no rewards available for Hardcore Apocalypse in Remnant 2 just yet. You’ll be able to acquire almost every other reward by playing through both of these rather than experimenting with the difficulty settings and not getting what you want in the end.

As mentioned above, you can unlock the Savior weapon through Hardcore Veteran. You’ll also be able to get it through Hardcore Apocalypse. Still, if you’re unprepared for the massive difficulty spike between Veteran and Apocalypse, your best bet is to run it through the more forgiving (Veteran) one.

Now, you can gather Apocalypse Rewards by playing in Standard mode. Not only will this save you more time, but you’ll also be able to respawn as many times as you want, making the challenge more bearable than having it in Hardcore mode.