Roblox community developers and content creators seem to never run out of ideas to make the game enjoyable.

One of the most famous right now is Doors, which features various monsters trying to kill you – the player.

To learn how to play the game, you will need to try the game out.

However, this article aims to help you a little bit by giving you a brief introduction to every monster or entity in the Roblox game Doors.

All Entities/Monsters in Doors Roblox

Currently, 11 monsters will appear and try to kill you in Doors. They are:

  • Hide

  • Rush

  • Seek

  • Screech

  • Eyes

  • Halt

  • Ambush

  • Timothy

  • Jack

  • Figure

  • Glitch

Now, let us see some of the horrors these monsters will try to do to you in the game.


hide monster doors roblox horror game
Hide is the counterpart to Seek – who is another monster you will encounter in the game.

This monster will show up when you are hiding for too long. After a few seconds too long of hiding, a visual effect should pop up on your screen, and you should start running.

As you play longer and progress in the game, Hide will often attack you.


rush monster doors roblox horror game
Hide is the counterpart to Seek – who is another monster you will encounter in the game.
Rush is a monster that moves at an incredible speed and will instantly kill you in contact.

Lights will flicker when Rush is about to show up and move from one room to another.

All rooms it passes through will leave them dark for some time, and you will need to hide whenever it is around.


seek monster doors roblox horror game
In rooms numbered 30 to 45 and 80 to 95 is where the humanoid one-eyed figure monster named Seek shows up.

Seek is the counterpart to Hide and will chase you around while obstacles fall in front of you as you run away from them.

Its warning sign is an eye that will spawn randomly, which indicates that it is now present and will chase you soon.


screech monster doors roblox horror game
Screech is one of the quiet ones in the list of Doors’ monsters. It will only spawn in dark rooms.

Screech plans to seek you out silently, and players must listen properly to detect it.

If the player does not detect Screech soon enough or fails to look at it directly, Screech will damage and jumpscare you.

To effectively combat Screech, we advise you to stay around lights and not make too much noise.


eyes monster doors roblox horror game
As its name suggests, Eyes is a monster that will appear as a literal jumble of eyes.

A purple light will fill the area when Eyes is about to spawn. Then, Eyes is around the player; it will stare at and damage them for ten health per tick.

You are advised not to look at Eyes and immediately run away. Its spawn time is random and should only appear whenever you open a door.


halt monster doors roblox horror game
Just like Eyes, Halt is a monster that will randomly spawn when opening a door.

Similarities with another monster do not end with Eyes; lights will also flicker before Halt shows up in a long hallway, just like Rush.

This way, Halt is more telegraphed in its presence and can quickly react to it in time.

Whenever you come in direct contact, even if it should not, as it only slowly walks up to you, you will take 60 damage.


ambush monster doors roblox horror game
Ambush is a monster that only shows up in the level Hotel and will replace Rush.

It will try to get you out of the closet you are hiding in and instantly kill you in direct contact.

It speeds through multiple rooms and will backtrack its steps up to six times.

We advise you to hide while Ambush runs around, which is much faster than Rush. In the game’s development stage, Ambush was supposed to work the same way as Jack.


timothy monster doors roblox horror game
Timothy is a cute monster that will spawn inside drawers you open.
A spider should show up randomly, and this is Timothy.

Its purpose is to simply jumpscare you, but it should also damage you by five minor health points.

This “innocent” monster can spawn any number of times in multiple drawers even if you have encountered it, but luckily enough, it only has a 1 in a 200 chance to show up.

Our advice? Just enjoy the game and imagine Timothy is trying to help you out.


jack monster doors roblox horror game
Unlike all the other monsters, Jack is a monster that only aims to scare you.

He has a chance to show up randomly. For example, there is a 1/2,000 chance he appears inside an opened door and a 1/20 chance of appearing inside a closet.

Going inside a Jack-filled closet will immediately open the cabinet and scare you. Once finished, it pushes you away, and the closet closes.


figure monster doors roblox horror game
The Figure only shows up about twice in the game to try and kill you. First, it appears in the library once you open the 100th door.

It will try to follow you around, searching for you through sounds. The Figure will still try to check on hiding spots, so you should move around to avoid them, but make sure you do it slowly.

There is also a minigame mechanic when a Figure is nearby while you are hiding, where you must match heartbeats unless you want to get killed by a Figure.

Coming in direct contact with a Figure will instantly kill you, so do not even try to mess around with it despite being blind.


glitch monster doors roblox horror game
The last monster on our list is Glitch, who only shows up when you are too behind in the game.

It will attack, damage, and jumpscare you before teleporting you back to your friends. The Glitch’s damage is random but should be around 10 to 40 of your health.

A simple piece of advice can be given to players constantly attacked by Glitch, stay with your friends and continuously move forward.

Wrapping Up

Enjoy the Fear and Fun!

That is it for all the monsters in the Roblox game Doors. If you want a more in-depth guide, then here are tutorial videos by Roblox content creator Electro and Power Powered.