Evade has been the next hot topic in Roblox Nextbot games, and this is for a reason.

More features and Nextbots are what Evade has that other Roblox Nextbot games do not have.

So who are these Nextbots? There are several Nextbots in Evade, but most should be recognizable since they are from Tiktok, Tumblr, Twitter, or memes all around the internet.

Custom (or Obunga)

obunga evade roblox

The first Nextbot is your Custom Nextbot or Obunga if you do not upload any Custom Nextbot.

Obunga is a heavily edited image of Barack Obama that was simultaneously made to be funny, creepy, and weird.


sanic evade roblox

Sanic teh Hegehog or Sanic teh Hotdog is a poorly drawn version of Sonic the Hedgehog created by YouTuber 0nyxheart.


fazbear evade roblox

The famous antagonist of the game Five Nights at Freddy’s is named Freddy Fazbear.


king evade roblox

A photo of the King from Clash Royale was used as a Nextbot in Evade.


troll evade roblox

The legendary rage comic character Troll face has been a meme since the peak of 4Chan and 9Gag in the early 2010s.


wenomechainsama evade roblox

Wenomechainsama is part of a YouTube video where misheard lyrics are accompanied by a series of animal photos, one of them is the dog photo used in Evade. You can watch it here.


jerma evade roblox

One of the many photos of the famous Twitch streamer Jerma985, or Jerma in short, is used as the Nextbot named Jerma.

Among Us

among us evade roblox

The famous red Among Us mascot might be an impostor since he is chasing after you in Evade.


saul evade roblox

A zoomed-in face of Jimmy McGill, better known as Saul Goodman, from the show Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.


krabs evade roblox

A photo of Mr. Krabs choking on an apple from the 1999 SpongeBob SquarePants episode “Scaredy Pants” also spawned the “Mr. Krabs Choking” meme.


nerd evade roblox

This is the Nerd Emoji from the messengers and chatboxes.

The worried or smiling yellow face can identify it with glasses and buck teeth.


bobo evade roblox

Bobo is an enemy from the Roblox game Tower Blitz whose developers are also the developers of Evade.


sans evade roblox

This is a hyper-realistic drawing of Sans from Undertale made by Tumblr user Vesner.

Peter Griffin

peter griffin evade roblox

This is an HD realistic rendition of Peter Griffin made by Pete GTK Rabczuk and posted on his ArtStation.


brody evade roblox

Brody is based on the Yo Mama YouTube Channel host named Brody Foxx.

Master Chief

master chief evade roblox

Master Chief is the protagonist supersoldier of the Halo Series whose full name and title is Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.

Nathaniel B

nathaniel b evade roblox

Nathaniel B is a bit of an obscure meme that stemmed from a lyric from one rap battle on Tiktok.

A more in-depth explanation can be seen in this video by Lessons in Meme Culture.

The Rock

the rock evade roblox

A clip of the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doing his signature eyebrow raise became viral after he posted himself doing it on Tiktok last February 2021.

It has been a meme ever since and is still being used now.


tbh evade roblox

This Nextbot is based on Twitter user @acemeiku’s tweet from 2021 that slowly became a popular meme due to its cute and derpy art style.

Tumblr users and everyone else first popularized it until it reached Evade.


tony stark evade roblox

This Nextbot is a zoomed and cropped-out photo of the “Robert Downey Jr. Comment’s” meme photo.

Sad Spongebob

sad spongebob evade roblox

An exaggerated sad face of SpongeBob from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode “Christmas Who?”


patrick evade roblox

This is a surprised Patrick Star from the 2004 SpongeBob movie named “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.”


squidward evade roblox

An extremely angry Squidward with no pupils. The oldest source for this photo is from a 2009 YouTube video named Angry Squidward.


crepeounga evade roblox

Crepeounga is a combination of two words: Creepy and Obunga.


herobrine evade roblox

Herobrine is a myth in Minecraft that is told to come for unsuspecting players and scare them, just like in Evade.


kleiner evade roblox

Kleiner is based on Dr. Isaac Kleiner, a character from Half-Life 2 who helps its protagonist, Dr. Gordon Freeman.

Uncanny incredible

uncanny incredible evade roblox

Uncanny Incredible is from the Becoming Uncanny meme, where Mr. Incredible from the Incredibles movie slowly loses color and looks more terrified or uncanny.


drake evade roblox

This Nextbot is based on the Rapper and Artist Drake, who looks relatively young in the photo.

Wrapping Up

That’s every bot currently active in Evade on Roblox. New bots are added frequently with every update.

Check back often to see which new bots are added & what their origins are!