There are almost 30 different badges that you can unlock in Goofy Runners on Roblox.

While most of them are easy/straightforward, there are a few secret ones that are harder to find. Here’s how to get all of the secret badges so far.

If you prefer to watch a video over read a written guide then check out this great walkthrough from YouTube embedded below.

How to Get All Secret Badges in Goofy Runners

To find & complete every secret, you must progress through each level of the game, as you can’t access some secrets until later.

Locked Away Badge – Level 1

locked away badge goofy runners
You can find this secret on the first level of the game.

  1. Enter the parking lot & run straight back to the exit door. Make a right in the hallway & run over to four crates sitting in the corner.

  2. Behind the single crate, you will find a screwdriver sitting on the floor. Pick it up using the “E” button.

  3. Run back to the lobby/saferoom & use the screwdriver to destroy the grate next to the blue announcements board.

  4. This will open the grate & free a creature called “The Damned.” You will now have the “Locked Away” secret badge.

Behind Thin Walls Badge – Level 4

behind thin walls badge goofy runners
This badge can be hard to get as the creature you need to find hidden inside the backrooms.

  1. Start level 4 and drop down into “The Backrooms” through the floor at the end of the hallway.

  2. Turn around & search around in the hallways until you find another scary face or “damned.” He is the brother of the first damned guy.

  3. Talk to him & you will unlock the “Behind Thin Walls” badge.

Secret After Secret Badge – Level 6

secret after secret badge goofy runners
This badge is the hardest to get & it is almost impossible to explain where the location is. Therefore, we advise you to watch the video above to find this last badge.

  1. Start level 6 and run through the archway next to the sign that says “find the missing ladder & escape.”

  2. Keep right & make the first left turn into a small hallway. Follow the round pillars and small hallways until you find a dead-end wall in the corner that you can walk through.

  3. Talk to the greyed-out “damned” guy & you will unlock the “Secret after Secret” badge.

That’s every secret badge so far that you can unlock in Goofy Runners! Check back soon for updated secret badge guides.