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collect all pets secret egg locations roblox

The newest game to take over the Roblox charts, Collect All Pets is a simulator game where the premise is simple and the fun is endless. Ranging from the Common Spotted Cat to the Mythical Hive Lord, there are a plethora of animals that you can collect and spend your time in the game world with.

The way to do so is to hatch eggs that correspond with their specific rank of animal. And apart from being able to farm for and buy eggs, the game has multiple secret locations where you can find eggs for free! Let’s take a look.

The Meadow Secret Egg Locations

Above the Tree in the Front

An egg can be seen on top of a tree on the right, which you can access after climbing onto a rock beside it and jumping to the tree. You’ll find a Common egg here.

Above the Tall Rock on the Left

On the left, you will find a set of tall rocks against the wall, this is where you’ll see the second Common egg in the Meadow location. Just jump onto the shorter rock first, then onto the taller one from there.

Above the Rock Stack on the Right

Straight across from the last one, you will find a Common and an Uncommon egg on top of two stacked rocks, you will however need a fellow player’s help to collect those.

The Forest Secret Egg Locations

Inside the Red Barn

Once you enter The Forest location, you will see a red barn in the distance, and a Common egg inside.

Behind the Barn

Another Common egg is hiding right behind the barn. You can go around and collect it.

The Desert Secret Egg Locations

On Top of the Red House

After reaching the desert location, you can find a Common egg on the top of the red house.

Inside the Red House

Once you go inside the red house, you can find an Uncommon egg right in the middle.

The Arctic Secret Egg Locations

Inside the Snow-Covered House

As soon as you reach the Arctic location, you will find your first Rare egg inside the house on the left.

On Top of a Ledge

Across from the house, you will find a set of snowy ledges attached to a wall. You can climb them by first climbing up a tree and jumping off it onto the first ledge, then the second & third. On the third ledge is another Rare egg.

On Top of a wall

Don’t climb down just yet, as you can reach the top of the wall via the help of the second ledge and a friend, and find a Legendary egg.

The Beach Secret Egg Locations

In the Wall Opening

A Rare egg can be found at the gateway connecting The Meadow and The Beach locations.

Inside the Hut

On the right side of the map, you will find a hut and an Epic egg inside.

In the Water

You can find another Rare egg in the back left corner of the water across the hut. (Hint: this egg is hidden under the water, swim around the corner until you pick it up!)

The Mountains Secret Egg Locations

On a Ledge

Right as you enter the next location, there is a series of ledges against the wall on the left that you can climb to get to an Epic egg.

Inside the House

After you climb down, enter the house at the far back to get another Epic egg hidden inside.

The Jungle Secret Egg Locations

On the Tree (left)

Once you are at the last location, you will find an Epic egg on top of the tree to the left.

On the Wall (right)

The final egg, a legendary egg, can be found on top of the wall next to a tree on the right.

Wrapping Up

If you are starting out on Collect All Pets, here is a guide for new players! And here, you can find a list of all the pets in the game!

Be sure to let us know if this guide helped you, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments below!

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