All Washable Kingdom Marker Locations In Find the Markers

all washable kingdom marker locations find the markers

Find the Markers is the latest “Find The” game to take over Roblox and get immensely popular all the while having a simple objective that requires you to find variations of the Marker character from “Battle for Dream Island”.

Now, there are over 150 Markers in the game, scattered across different locations. Let’s take a look at one of these locations called the Washable Kingdom, and find all the markers hidden there. Read on!

How to Find and Enter the Washable Kingdom

The first thing you’ll have to do on this quest is get to the Washable Kingdom! After you spawn into “Find The Markers” look directly around you and find the clocktower.

When you find the clocktower, head to the back side and climb up the invisible ladder. Now just walk around to the front and climb up the invisible ladder there. Once you get up to the clock, your avatar should spawn right into the Washable Kingdom.

Now you’re ready to start the journey to find all 18 markers!

Torch and Dragon Marker

The first two markers we’re going to collect are simple. When you spawn into the Washable Kingdom, turn right and head towards the ponds. Go to the circle pond that has two lily pad’s in it, and jump onto the pad closer to the cave wall.

You can use this lily pad as a trampoline to jump up to the top of the cave. (Tip: If you’re having trouble with the lily pads, you can simply walk up a the ramp that goes around the whole cave to get to the top!)

Once at the top, you’ll see a hole in the wall, right inside you will find the Torch Marker. If you go further into the cave & drop down, the Dragon Marker is through another hole in the wall.

King Marker

The second one is fairly straightforward as well. Enter the castle, go to the end of the hallway, turn right around a corner, and you’ll see the King Marker sitting at the end of a long red carpet.

Mud Marker

For now, we’re in Easyville. The Mud Marker is available behind a set of rocks on the far right of the map next to the watch tower.

Periwinkle Marker

The Periwinkle Marker is two steps to the left of the spawn point laying on top of purple flowers.

Archer Maker

For this one, go to the right of the castle entrance to find the Archer Marker right around the side of the castle.

Firefly Marker

Head back over to the pond area and keep walking until you get to the back of the big pond. Use the lily pad closest to the tree in the back and hop up on top of the tree, here you will find the Firefly Marker.

Princess Marker

The Princess marker is hiding in a bush right in front of the portal where you enter the Kingdom.

Lilypad Marker

This one is a little tricky. Go back to the lily pads you jumped on to reach the cave wall, and one of them will have a flower on it. Jump on it to access the secret area where you can collect the Lilypad Marker.

Primrose Marker

To the left of the portal where you entered the kingdom, the Primrose Marker will be found inside the brown striped shop stall in between the orange and grey striped shop stalls on the left side.

Bluish Gray Marker

This is where the challenge begins. Go to the back left edge of the map, where you can climb a blue tree in the right corner. From there, you have a fair amount of invisible ledges and mini platforms to climb.

Follow this route, and you’ll find the Bluish Gray Marker on the top of the last tree. (Tip: Follow the route while looking down at it from above, this way you’ll have a better view of the ledges/platforms!)

 Ice Marker

The Ice Marker is a little more on the challenging side to get a hold of. First head over to the big cave area to the right of the castle. Climb up the ramp that goes around the cave, and stop half-way up, once you get to the second flat area.

Turn the angle of your camera so that you can see the side of the wall, here there will be a hole that is glowing blue. To get into this area first you have to try your best to align yourself with the hole in the wall.

Now you’ll want to get close to the edge and fall off, trying to stay as close to the wall as possible. If you get it right, you should fall right into the area, where you’ll find the Ice Marker.

BFDI Marker

Similar to the Ice Marker, to find the BFDI Marker you have to fall off the edge of the map and catch it. Go back to where you found the Primrose Marker, then head to the edge of the map.

Go between the black and green striped shop stalls, and turn your camera angle so you can see underneath the map. Here you’ll see the marker.

Just fall off the edge and land on the BFDI marker below to add it to your collection.

Knight Marker

Enter the castle again, but this time go up the staircase and head up to the top of the tower in the left corner. Kill the knight on top of this tower to get the Knight Marker.

Wizard Marker

Next, go back to the entrance hallway of the castle, and there is a secret fake wall to the left under the stairs that will lead you to the Wizard Marker.

Merchant Marker

Go back to where you found the Primrose Marker, and one of the shop stalls here will have the Merchant Marker standing upright with a question mark above its head.

To collect it, however, you will have to complete a quest to find 10 coins first. 

Gilded Marker

We make our way back to the castle again, and to collect the Gilded marker go up the stairs again and this time go up to the top of the tower behind the knight’s tower.

At the top, climb over the edge and fall down and into the window on the back. Once inside you will see the Gilded Marker.

Bioluminescence Marker

Our final marker is also located amongst the trees to the left of the spawn point like the Bluish Gray Marker. To find the Bioluminescence Marker you have to click each group of mushrooms in a specific order.

To make this part a little easier to understand, use the image above, and click on the mushrooms in number order, going from 1-5. Make sure to only click each group of mushrooms once, and don’t miss any of them!

Once you click the last group of mushrooms, you’ll spawn into a room where you’ll find the Bioluminescence Marker.

Wrapping Up

This is our complete guide on where to find all 18 Washable Kingdom Marker locations! Have you found all of the markers yet? Which one is your favorite?

We hope this guide helped you out, if you have any questions or concerns let us know in the comment section below!

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