Among Us Crypto & Bitcoin Mod [DOWNLOAD]

among us crypto mod

The new Among Us Crypto Mod sees the ever-popular cryptocurrency cross over with the crewmates in one of the more expansive mods in the game’s history.

What is the Crypto Mod in Among Us?

The Crypto Mod is an expansive mod that brings many new abilities to the crewmates and imposters alike. Among those abilities is also a new map to play on – the Stock Exchange.

Not much changes in terms of tasks, but what makes this mod really different is all the new abilities all of the players have during the match.

Crypto Abilities

among us crypto mod mining

A basic ability that all players have, including the imposters, is the ability to mine for crypto.

Mining for crypto increases your currency which can be used to purchase new abilities during the match.

To mine, all you need to do is use the dig ability anywhere on the map. This will cause you to dig into the ground and find a random amount of crypto.

There is a list of purchasable abilities that players are free to pick from based on how much money they currently have.

among us crypto mod crypto abilities

These purchasable abilities include:

  • Bitcoin-roll – ride a giant bitcoin around the map with increased speed.
  • To-the-moon – fly up in the sky and land anywhere you want to on the map.
  • Crypto-bet – engage in betting with a nearby player to gain more crypto potentially.
  • Asset-freeze – freeze other crewmates in place for a set period of time.
  • HODL – select a crewmate to grab from anywhere on the map and hang on to them.
  • Kill – allows you to kill the imposter.
  • Revive – allows you to revive yourself or other crewmates.
  • Steal-crypto – enables you to steal crypto from other crewmates.

Remember, crypto converts to money, so you need to watch where the market is at and make sure you cash in when the price is high.

For a video rundown, check out SSundee’s video showcase of the mod below.

Watch the Market

As stated above, players must keep in mind that prices fluctuate throughout the match.

To maximize your crypto and get as many abilities as possible, players will need to monitor the market and buy abilities when the crypto market is high.

Players can exchange their farmed crypto for different abilities using the store option.

Abilities can be bought at any time, which is what makes watching the market so important – you want to buy your abilities when your crypto is worth the most to gain the advantage during the match.

All abilities can be upgraded using even more bitcoin to increase their effectiveness.

All of these abilities are present for both imposters and crewmates. However, the imposter’s abilities are a bit stronger overall.

among us crypto bet auto win

They also can auto-win using any abilities, which either gives them more crypto after betting or adds more lethal effects to abilities like asset freeze.

There is also a betting mini-game with this mod that allows you to watch a rocket rising, and this increases the multiplier value of crypto.

among us crypto mod mini game

Players can jump off at any point to save their money before it crashes. If players don’t jump off, they lose all their crypto.

The last player to jump off before it crashes wins the mini-game and gets to choose a crewmate to eliminate.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to download this mod.

Wrapping Up

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