Among Us – Evil Boyfriend Mod (FNF)

among us evil boyfriend mod

In this latest mod, Friday Night Funkin’ unofficially crosses over in the new Among Us Evil Boyfriend Mod. This gametype is a lot different & unique than any other mod we’ve ever seen before. We cover all of the details below.

What is the Evil Boyfriend Mod in Among Us?

Bring down the crew as Evil Boyfriend with corruption-based attacks, fully corrupt the crewmates to transform them and bring them to your side, and appease Girlfriend to win the match.

With the Evil Boyfriend mod installed, imposters will spawn as an evil version of Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin’.

The objective here is to appease the evil version of Girlfriend present on the map; and, there’s only one way to do this – corrupt the crewmates with Boyfriend’s abilities.

Crewmate Corruption Abilities

Corrupted crewmates will work alongside the imposter to corrupt the remaining crewmates to win the match.

Turned crewmates will have their sprite changed to a corrupted form, and they can shoot arrows that help fill the corruption meter of other crewmates.

among us evil boyfriend mod

Impostor Corruption Abilities

As Evil Boyfriend, imposters have access to his dark abilities, which are used to corrupt crewmates and also to build up the corruption meter.

One of Evil Boyfriend’s main attacks is the Pico ability, which lets imposters shoot Pico’s uzi from Friday Night Funkin’. Hitting players with this ability raises their corruption meter.

Another ability Evil Boyfriend has is activating Girlfriend, which causes speakers near Boyfriend to emit a sound that slows down all crewmates caught in it.

This can help set players up for a burst from the Pico ability to quickly raise crewmates corruption meters.

Evil Boyfriend’s last ability before his corruption level increases is summoning corrupted versions of his rivals Skid and Pump.

When Skid and Pump are summoned, they will cause corrupted bones and pumpkins to fall from the sky and land all around the map.

In addition, if any pumpkin or bone hits crewmates, it will add to their overall corruption meter.

Corruption Stage Two

When Evil Boyfriend reaches his second stage of corruption, his appearance will change, and he gains access to new abilities.

The two new abilities added to his kit are Corrupted Boyfriend, which traps a single crewmember in corrupted goo, preventing them from moving for some time.

among us evil boyfriend mod

Similar to the Girlfriend ability, this is a great setup for quickly building corruption if paired with other abilities.

The second new ability gained at corruption level 2 is Mommy Mearest.

This teleports a crewmate to a realm where they’re in the middle of a road and have to dodge oncoming limos as they pass by for a set amount of time.

among us evil boyfriend mod limo

Getting hit by a limo will cause the crewmate’s corruption meter to rise.

Corruption Stage Three

The third stage of corruption is the final form for Evil Boyfriend and sees his sprite change again.

This form gives imposters the ability to float and gives them access to the Daddy Dearest ability, which increases movement speed for a set period of time.

To get a visual rundown of the mod, check out GameToons Gaming’s video below.

Overall, this mod has a lot of work put into it. The map has a custom, corrupted look to it, one that you won’t get with any other mod currently.

The sprites are incredibly faithful to the source material, possibly even ripped directly from Friday Night Funkin’.

The Evil Boyfriend mod also plays into the source material while also utilizing Among Us mechanics in a way that feels organic and will appeal to fans of either series.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to download this mod, as is usually the case.

Wrapping Up

Let us know what you think of this mod regardless. Is this a mod you’re interested in checking out? Are you a fan of this type of crossover?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment beliw if you have any questions or concerns!

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  1. A lot of GameToons mods aren’t available to the public, and for the record, a lot of them should be, or there should at least be a video explaining how to make similar mods.

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