Among Us God Impostor Mod: How to Download?

among us god mode mod

The God Impostor mod adds a handful of new abilities for the impostor to take out crew members, unfortunately, you’ll have to join a modded lobby to play it.

What is the God Impostor Mod?

The God Impostor mod is a lobby mod that allows the impostor access to four new abilities.

Check out some gameplay of the God Impostor mod below, courtesy of InquisitorMaster.

The four new abilities, in no particular order, are Water, Shock, Wind, and Burn. All of which are pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll jump into them anyway.

Water traps crewmates in a bubble and prevents them from being able to move for the duration. This can be helpful for setting up multiple kills as the Impostor.

Burn ignites a crew member, killing them instantly.

Wind is actually an Impostor buff and allows the Impostor to walk across any terrain in the map, including walls.

Shock paralyzes a crewmate when used on them. This can be used in unison with Water’s bubble to trap multiple crewmembers and set up a decent kill streak.

Each of the new abilities has its own 30 second cooldown period, so while they grant a massive amount of new mechanics for the Impostor, you will still need to plan out how to use them.

I think this adds a really unique spin on the game, specifically for Impostors. It can allow them to set up plays that otherwise may not work.

It would be neat to see different gameplay elements like this get officially added into the game.

How to Download the God Impostor Mod?

As has been the case with all the other mods we’ve covered here at The Helpful Gamer, these mods are only currently available to those with access to the modded lobbies.

That being said, once they do see public release, you’ll be able to play these by having them installed yourself, or by joining a lobby with the mod enabled.

What do you think of the God Impostor mod abilities? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else Among Us, keep it here.

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