Among Us Mayor Role Mod: How To Download?

among us mayor mod

While currently not available for download, the new Among Us Mayor Role mod allows player votes to count twice.

What is The Mayor Role Mod?

The Mayor role (listed as Major in-game) mod allows players to choose the Mayor role.

This mod was created / developed by YouTuber Socksfor1.

The Mayor role allows players’ votes to count twice. This can be a useful tool for tying up votes, or pushing votes in a certain direction.

With the Mayor role, players have much more control during the voting phase. This is a bit more subtle of a mod, compared to some of the others like Doctor and Sheriff, but it can allow for some really interesting plays during the voting phase.

Whether it’s flipping votes, causing ties, or forcing someone out with two-to-one voting power, the Mayor role has a lot of control during pivotal moments in the game.

To check out some gameplay of the Mayor role, and many others, head on over to Socksfor1’s YouTube page.

How to play the Mayor Role Mod?

Currently, there is no download link for the Mayor role mod, but hopefully, that will be coming out soon.

That said, when the mod finally does see a public release, players will need to mod their own lobby, or find another lobby that has the mod installed, and is willing to play with the Mayor ruleset.

Are you excited to check out the Mayor role mod? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else Among Us related, keep it here.

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