Among Us Nugget Sells for Over $14,000 on eBay

among us chicken nugget bts

You read that correctly. An Among Us shaped chicken nugget from the new McDonalds BTS meal is going for a fortune on eBay.

The McDonalds BTS Combo Meal

The debacle began when McDonalds dropped it’s new promotional combo meal for the popular K-Pop band BTS last week.

The unsuspecting fan happened to receive a chicken nugget in their meal that so oddly resembled a crewmate from the popular game Among Us.

Listing the Nugget on eBay

As with all things in capitalism they took the opportunity to list the rare shaped nugget on the bidding platform eBay.

As the news made its way around the web memes began to emerge & enthusiasts worldwide busted out their checkbooks pushing the price to over $14,000 USD.

This is no joke. Check out the screenshot below from the listing or view the eBay listing yourself if you’d like to participate in the bidding.

among us chicken nugget bts meal

As of the time this article was written there were still 4 days left to bid. The auction is set to end on Friday June 3rd 2021.

While we’re not sure who would pay that kind of money for a single McDonalds chicken nugget somebody out there must see value in it.

There is also a chance that this is a massive troll or possible PR stunt from those involved to push the BTS combo meal.

Impostor Nuggets

Since the nugget has been getting media attention some impostors have also started popping up on eBay.

While these other listings might also be legit the only nugget confirmed by sources is the one listed by eBay user polizna.

Thinking of bidding on the Among Us nugget? Let us know how much you think it’s worth in the comments below!

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