Among Us Spy Mod: How to Download?

among us spy mod

The Spy role mod is currently not publicly available for download, but you’ll want to check out all the opportunities it creates below for when it is.

What is the Spy Role Mod?

The Spy role mod allows players to track player vitals, access security, and access admin from anywhere on the map.

On top of that, they can go invisible for as long as they want, which prevents other players from seeing you on the map entirely.

For a deeper dive into the Spy role mod, check out Ssundee’s gameplay showcase below.

What’s interesting about the invisibility function is that players will still be able to hear you if you’re close enough to them. This can create some really interesting play mechanics during matches.

With all of the recent class-based mod additions to Among Us, it would be nice to see some of these, potentially, added as a legitimate feature to the game. Or, perhaps, as something for InnerSloth LLC to consider for a potential Among Us sequel.

How to Play the Spy Role Mod?

As of the writing of this article, there is currently no publicly available download link. That said, hopefully, there will be word of it dropping for everyone to check out soon.

Like all other mods covered so far, however, players will need to join a lobby with the mod enabled. This means you either need to have the mod on your end or join a lobby that has the mod enabled.

Does the Spy role mod sound exciting to you? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else Among Us, keep it here.

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