Among Us Troll Role Mod: How To Download?

among us troll role mod

Even though it’s currently not available for download, the Troll role mod adds a new win mechanic based on getting killed.

What is the Troll Role Mod?

Created Socksfor1, the Troll role mod allows players to win the match by getting killed. In true Troll fashion, getting players to think you’re sus and killing you can lead to you winning the game.

This can allow for some really fun lobbies, as it forces Imposters to think twice before all of their kills. It’s worth noting that this is different from the Jester role, which gives players a win if they’re voted out. The Troll role mod only allows players to win if they are killed.

The Troll role mod is really unique in that it gives Imposters a reason to second guess getting kills, even when they may seem opportune.

On top of that, you can also use this mod alongside others to create really unique gameplay experiences. For more on that, check out Socksfor1’s YouTube Channel.

How to play the Troll Role Mod?

Currently, the mod has not been made available to download for public use.

That said, once the mod is given a download link, you can play by having the installed and creating a custom lobby, or finding another lobby that has the mod installed and is willing to play with the Troll role enabled.

Are you looking forward to checking out the Troll role mod? Let us know in the comments below. For everything else Among Us, keep it here.

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