Among Us Vent Builder Mod: How to Download?

among us vent builder mod

The vent builder mod is currently not available to the public; however, you’ll still want to see all the possibilities this mod enables when it does become public.

What is the Vent Builder Mod?

The vent builder mod is pretty self explanatory, it allows the imposters to create vents where ever they want which replaces the initial spawns of the vents on the map.

Placing the vent has a 20 second cooldown timer and the vents remain after multiple rounds.

You can check out H2ODelirious’ video below to see some gameplay of this mod in action.

This mod adds another dimension of gameplay for the imposters since they can choose where and when to put vents down in strategic spots.

In the video above they placed vents in the communications room which usually doesn’t have a vent.

Since the vents still act as normal vents the imposters can travel around the map in completely unique ways.

How to Play the Vent Builder Mod?

As of writing this article, there is no download link publicly available. Hopefully this will become available soon so that everyone can try it.

Just like most other mods we have covered, players will need to join a lobby with the mod enabled.

Does the vent builder mod sound interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below! For other among us mods and news check here.

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