Anime Dimensions Tier List Roblox

anime dimensions tier list roblox

Anime Dimensions is one of the most popular anime based games currently available in Roblox. In this article we rank the characters from best to worst.

Anime Dimensions Tier List

This Anime Dimensions tier list is based off of many YouTuber reviews. It has been thought over & tested to make sure it is accurate as possible.

Here are the characters ranked by tier in Anime Dimensions.

SRimuru, Gojo, Artoria
ATodoroki, Megumi, Zenitsu
BItadori, Tanjiro, Killua, Asta, Akaza
CIchigo, Natsu, Sakura, Deku
DLuffy, Naruto, Goku

This list is based on our personal opinions & research when trying to found out who the best characters are.

You may agree or disagree with these rankings. Depending on your play style some of the rankings may be better or worse for you.

Anime Dimensions Character Moves List

Each of the characters in Anime Dimensions has a set of 4 different moves that you can cycle between.

Below is a full list of the current characters & their current move sets.

CharacterMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
RimuruBlack LightningGluttonyFlareGod’s Wrath
GojoBlueRedCurtainHollow Purple
ArtoriaCross SlashFlying SliceMana BurstExcalibur
TodorokiIce WallFire FistFire WallFreezing Heatwave
MegumiFlame BlastFlame BeamFlame TornadoExplosion
ZenitsuFlashSix FoldKiwamiThunder God
ItadoriRapid FistDivergent FistBlack FlashCursed Awakening
TanjiroWater SlashWater WheelWhirlpoolFlowing Dance
KilluaThunder PalmLightning RainWhirldwindGodspeed
AstaBlack SlashBlack MeteoriteBlack HurricaneBlack Divider
AkazaAir ExplosionAnnihilationCrushCompass
IchigoPiercerSpin SlashCrossSoul Piercer
NatsuDragon FistDragon RoarWing AttackBlaze
SakuraThrow KunaiBlossom CrushHealBlossom Strike
DekuFinger SmashHand SmashFlying SmashLightning Smash
NarutoThrow KunaiShadow CloneEnergy BallEnergy Shuriken
GokuRapid PunchKi BlastKi BeamSpirit Bomb

Wrapping Up

That’s all of the info we currently know about the characters & their potential tier ranking for now. Stay tuned for more guides & updates for Anime Dimensions on Roblox.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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