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atomic marker find the markers roblox

Find the Markers, created in November of 2021, has attracted over 290 million visits with an active community of adventure-seekers looking for markers! Not all markers are hidden equally, though. This guide will show you how to find the Atomic Marker and all the Atomic Marker locations in Find the Markers.

What is the Atomic Marker?

The Atomic Marker is one of many markers hidden in Find the Markers, noted for its red and blue appearance and spinning electrons.

How Do I Find the Atomic Marker?

Here are the steps you will want to follow to find the Atomic Marker:

  1. First, head up the rainbow staircase and towards ‘Pe Old Shop.’

    atomic marker roblox

  2. Just beside the shop and behind a couple of trees is the Factory. Enter this building.
  3. Once you enter the building, follow the sign that says ‘Assembly line,’ and enter the room with red squares along the floor and turn to the right.
  4. In the next room over, you will find a long metal bench with a microscope. This item’s location will help you find the marker, so remember where the microscope is. Check it once to activate the markers.

    microscope atomic marker find the markers

  5. Now you have to look for the markers that spawn in the factory, keeping in mind that their locations are always random and change every time you enter the server.
  6. What happens with these markers is that you have to find several of them, looking for the real marker after checking the marker under the microscope. The first marker you may find will be in the next room, past the metal desk, beside an orange arrow sign.
  7. When you find a marker, take it back to the microscope and check it. If you get a funny image or anything that does not resemble a marker, your marker isn’t the real Atomic Marker, and you will have to keep searching.

    find the markers atomic markers

  8. In the room with the microscope, behind the assembly line, you will find a golden key on the ground. Take it and enter the room right behind it with the large painting of a troll face. One of the markers spawns here, on the floor.
  9. There is another marker location in the room with the microscope where, if you are facing the metal desk and turn to the right, you will find the marker in the SE corner.
  10. Moving back to the room with red tiles on the ground, you will find another marker spawn location on the left side of this room, standing up against the wall.
  11. In the storage closet near the front of the factory, you will find another marker spawn location in front of the ‘Evil Developer Clones.’
  12. Once you have checked enough markers under the microscope, you will see the real marker, which will look like a marker with atomic electrons spinning around it.

    real atomic marker roblox

  13. Once you have successfully checked the real Atomic Marker, you will be teleported to a red and blue room where a large version of the marker is waiting for you. Interact with the marker to find it and add the Atomic Marker to your collection!

    atomic marker find the markers roblox

Wrapping Up

Completing your collection of markers is as challenging as it is rewarding. However, with the ways to uncover the Atomic Marker revealed, you will be able to add this marker to your collection easily!

We hope you have found this guide helpful! If you have any questions about finding the Atomic Marker, please comment below.

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