Audio Bugs: Apex Legends Season 7 Update

apex legends season 7 audio issues

Apex Legends Season 7 Audio Issues

Apex Legends has been one of the most successful Battle Royale games to be released in the last few years.

Its fast-paced gameplay, and reliance on high quality aim tracking make it one of the most fun first-person shooter games to play – especially with friends.

If you are a player of the game, then you realize how dependent the game is on its high-quality audio.

Here is just one example of the issues players are facing.

Credit: u/idekfml on Reddit

Players are constantly using the audio to sense where other players are on the map, detect when opposing players shields break, and determine when their ultimate abilities are ready.

The audio in this game is not just a nice to have, but a need to have to play the game successfully. 

This is part of the reason why some players of the game are so upset with the recent update in season 7.

Since season 7 has begun, some players have been experiencing audio issues in the game.

Some players were already experiencing audio issues in previous seasons, but it appears that with the season 7 update, these audio issues have gotten even worse.

The audio issues include spotty audio loss in some instances within the game which leads to gun firing not producing audio, shield breaking not being heard, and footsteps being silenced.

Here’s another example of the game-breaking audio loss.

Credit: u/Annihil8or on Reddit

This is incredibly frustrating for some players and leading players to desperately search for answers. 

What is Causing the Audio Loss / Bugs?

Some players claim that this issue is due to a lack of RAM in their machines, but other players are reporting audio issues that are running on 32GB of RAM.

Other players are claiming that the issues are dependent on the players location on the map.

For instance, on one of the maps there is an area between Turbine and Hammond where many players are experiencing audio issues within the game.

Some players claim this is because of the waterfall sound in the area and they think this audio is causing the in-game audio to bug. 

The entire situation is very frustrating for dedicated players and the response from the developer has been lackluster to say the least.

The developer keeps claiming that these audio issues will be fixed with future updates, but it seems that with each update the audio issues are getting worse, not better. 

For a game that has brought in as much revenue as Apex Legends has, it is expected to be performing better than this.

Players expect a high-quality experience, especially in a game where they have invested so much time, money, and energy. 

Still Waiting on a Fix From the Devs

So far, there is no definitive way to fix these audio issues, and every solution thus far is purely speculative.

Players remain optimistic that the developer will find a resolution to these problems soon, but as time continues to run on some players are losing hope. 

As a community, the more we discuss these issues and bring their attention to the developer, the sooner these types of issues can be resolved.

Continue to post about this issue and hopefully we will see a successful update soon.

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