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How to Use the Manager in Retail Tycoon 2

retail tycoon 2 manager guy

Managers are the most expensive employee that you can purchase in the game and are also tricky to use efficiently, so we only recommend them later in the game. This guide will help you learn how to use them effectively.

The best way to use the Manager in Retail Tycoon 2 is to wait until you have enough money to afford one. You can also temporarily hire a Manager to help restock your store faster.

How to Make Bouncy Ball Potion in Wacky Wizards

bouncy ball potion wacky wizards

The bouncy potion allows you to bounce around inside of a clear ball in Wacky Wizards. To craft the bouncy potion you will need dynamite, a giraffes’ hoof & the beans.

The bouncy potion is a fun potion in Wacky Wizards that lets you jump & roll around the Wacky Wizards map inside of a transparent ball.

How to Level up in Pressure Wash Simulator Roblox

level up pressure wash simulator roblox

Pressure Wash Simulator on Roblox is a fun and relaxing way to role-play with some of your friends. In this guide we will discuss some basic tips for when you get started in the game as well a provide a general overview to the upgrades you can unlock or purchase.

The first zone you will be allowed to clean is the Parking Lot. Here is where you will learn the basics of Pressure Wash Simulator.

Demonfall Scripts & Hacks: Should You Use Them?

demonfall scripts gui

Scripts in Roblox are basically a set of commands that tell the game what to do. By making or importing a valid script into the game you can do whatever you want like fly or teleport depending on the type of script used.

Scripts are a type of tool or application that can be created & used to hack, cheat, farm or exploit items in Roblox games.