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Rivals of Aether Custom Characters: Top 10 Designs

Since Rivals of Aether mods became available via the Steam Workshop, community creators have been hard at work adding new custom characters into the game. Check out our list of some of the best custom characters available on the Rivals of Aether Steam Workshop along with the links to download them.

Could Party Animals be the next Fall Guys?

What is Party Animals? Party Animals, by Beijing studio Recreate Games, is the upcoming party beat-’em-up where players take control of cuddly critters in hilarious melee brawls. The game isn’t out yet (it’s supposed to release before the end of…

Crystal Chunk Farming Guide – Genshin Impact

Where to Mine Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact In Genshin Impact, Crystal is a rare resource used to forge the Prototype weapon series — some of the most powerful 4-star weapons in the game. Crystal is also used to enhance…

Find a Place Where You Can See the Whole Witness Sigil

The Of the Land Amidst Monoliths Archon Quest in Genshin Impact tasks players with completing a set of missions across the nation of Liyue. One of these missions is a ghost hunt in the capital city of Wangshu, and it’s…