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There are a lot of fun mods and games to play in Among Us, but one of the most popular mods and game modes is Tiny Hide & Seek.

In order to play this game mode, you will first need to download and install the Tiny Crewmates mod.

Hello Kitty Theme: Among Us Hello Kitty Mod

All of the tasks within the game are converted to Hello Kitty themed tasks and the ship is highly detailed with Hello Kitty themed paintings and artwork.

If you are using the mod, only you can see the Hello Kitty modifications – meaning other users won’t be affected by you using the mod.

Audio Bugs: Apex Legends Season 7 Update

Since season 7 has begun, some players have been experiencing audio issues in the game.

Some players were already experiencing audio issues in previous seasons, but it appears that with the season 7 update, these audio issues have gotten even worse.

Genshin Impact Price Increase on Gems: Players Quit

As of yesterday, the game issued price increases for the following countries: Indonesia, India, South Africa, Iceland, Russia, Columbia and Brazil.

Fans initially thought the reason for these price increases was that the prices in these countries were significantly lower than in other countries when converted to USD.

How to Get Christmas Hats in Among Us

There are various types of hats in Among Us and most of them require you to pay with real money to unlock them.

However, there are some holiday promotion hats that can be acquired with a simple “hack” if you don’t want to wait until the actual holiday.

Rhythm Heaven 2: Will It Be Coming to Switch?

It has been 5 years since the last release of a Rhythm Heaven game, and some fans are begging for a new release in the series.

Fortunately for them, there are rumors that a new Rhythm Heaven game will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch.

The Outer Worlds Mods: Top 5 Game Alterations

The game’s long-term success has been largely due to an overwhelming amount of support from its online community in the form of mods.

Microsoft Teases xCloud Xbox Streaming Stick

Although nothing has been officially announced, the head of gaming and Xbox, Phil Spencer made a statement in an interview that the company is working on TV streaming sticks for its xCloud gaming service.

Eris Loris: Among Us Hacker

If you have been having trouble playing Among Us within the last 24 hours, you are not alone. An anonymous hacker by the name of Eris Loris has taken over the game.

Top 5 Among Us Mods & Hacks

The most notorious of all of the mods in Among Us is the 100-player mod. This mod allows you to have games with up to 100 players in them.