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How to Download Among Us Evil Bully Mod

among us evil bully mod

A unique reversal of the typical imposter mod, the Among Us Evil Bully mod transforms the imposter into the target.

The Evil Bully mod changes the gameplay up quite a bit. In this mod, the imposter will spawn as the Nerd,, and all other crewmates will spawn as a Bully. The Bullies focus on, well, bullying the Nerd while the Nerd attempts to complete tasks throughout the map and escape school. If the Nerd successfully completes all the tasks, they are able to escape school and win the match.

Iron Sledge (Sledgehammer): Valheim Crafting Guide

valheim iron sledgehammer guide

Valheim’s sledgehammer, aptly named the Iron Sledge, is an incredibly useful club-based weapon great for AOE combat.

Iron Sledge is the Stagbreakers big brother, and as such, this two-handed club is great for AOE clearing areas. This can be helpful for players trying to clear crypts, or for making a path when players get swarmed by Greydwarves, or for eliminating adds during a boss fight.

Stagbreaker: Valheim Crafting Guide

valheim stagbreaker guide

One of the more unique weapons in Valheim allows for great AOE damage and isn’t too difficult to craft.

This unique club does a massive AOE (area of effect) damage circle when you attack with it. The damage it puts out isn’t the greatest, especially as you progress in Valheim, but its usefulness lies in the area of damage that it puts out, as well as the knockback effect that enemies experience.