Top 10 Among Us Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween

among us jack o lantern

Among Us is one of hottest and most played games of the year. It was inevitable that fans would use their favorite characters and memes as inspiration for their Halloween jack o lanterns and pumpkin carvings.

Here are some of our favorite fan inspired spooky works of art from around the web! Number 4 is definitely my favorite.

“Orange is Sus”

This masterpiece was posted on the Among Us reddit by u/sonova_beech. Love the creativity and execution of this one. The addition of paint works well.

Carving narrow pieces into a pumpkin is always a great feat. Nice work!

among us pumpkin

“Pumpkin Imposta”

A little rough around the edges, but a great carving nonetheless! I can’t carve pumpkins for my life, so this person gets a ton of credit. Good work!

among us pumpkin

“The Simple Crewmate”

A clean and minimalistic depiction of our favorite crewmate.

among us pumpkin

“A Message from Beyond”

This impostor is attempting to send us messages from beyond the grave. Orange sus?

among us jack o lantern

“Body Reported”

Great idea and execution from this Reddit user. The details on the teeth are dope! A nice finishing touch with the red lighting / editing to bring it all together.

among us pumpkin

“Like Father Like Son”

The cutest most adorable set of Among Us carvings so far. Like father, like son.

among us jack o lantern

“Red Was Not The Impostor”

This carving comes to life when the lights go down. Some say it was a perfect opportunity for the sign to read “orange was not the impostor” instead.

Either way it’s a great piece of art!


“Mind Your Neck”

This one reminds me of the Spongebob episode where Patrick’s head explodes. I love it.

among us jack o lantern

“Caught Lackin'”

Crisp and clean lines with a clear message. Don’t get caught lackin’ when playing Among us.


“Just Another Day In The Office'”

While similar to other carvings, this one takes the cake. The details and lighting are on point. This one’s looking pretty sus ngl.


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