Bandai Namco, the publisher behind the hit game Elden Ring, recently announced the cancellation of at least five projects that were under development. This decision comes two years after the release of Elden Ring, a game that significantly impacted the company’s direction and focus.

The publisher has stated that moving forward, it will place a greater emphasis on quality control to prevent similar outcomes.

During the third fiscal quarter ending in December, Bandai Namco reported disappointing financial results. Compared to the same period last year, net sales dropped by approximately 9%, and net income plummeted by 96%. The company attributed this decline to the fluctuating sales performance of Elden Ring, which had high sales in 2022 but saw a significant drop in 2023.

In contrast, other titles like Armored Core 6 and franchises such as Dragon Ball and One Piece remained stable in Japan and internationally. The performance of Tekken 8 is still under evaluation.

The review of the company’s game development processes revealed a lack of organization, leading to the cancellation of several projects. Bandai Namco has committed to improving its development practices to ensure better financial results in the future and to avoid the cancellation of projects under development.

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This strategic shift highlights the challenges faced by game publishers in managing multiple projects and the importance of quality control in the highly competitive gaming industry.

Bandai Namco’s experience with Elden Ring and its impact on the company’s portfolio serves as a case study for the gaming industry, emphasizing the need for balance between innovation and consistent quality.