Bank Update Leaked in Pet Simulator X Roblox

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Pet Simulator X is coming out with their newest update this Saturday, December 4th! Developer Preston leaked a sneak peek of the bank update on Discord. In this article we will be going over everything to know about what’s to come!

Bank Update Sneak Peek

Pet Sim X’s newest update is coming on Saturday, December 4th, 9AM pst, 12PM est. All we know for sure as of right now, is that it will include a new bank feature!

preston sneak peek pet sim x update

Developer Preston leaked a sneak peek at the new bank update on the BIG Games Discord early this morning.

The sneak peek was a picture of the interface for the new bank they’ll be adding!

The image shows the part of the inside of the bank, showing you that you can store valuable pets, share with friends, and get interest on Diamonds!

In the bank there is a green plus icon, which will be the bank plus icon. You’ll click here to add a pet into your storage/chest.

sneak peak bank update pet simulator x

There’s a purple chest icon which is your storage. This is where all of the valuable pets you store will be.

Under this there are smiley face icons, which are believed to be the friends icons, where you’ll be able to share with friends.

Lastly, we have clock icons which are most likely going to be used to add diamonds into the bank. Now you will be able to put your diamonds into the bank, and come back for them at a later time.

You diamonds will now gain interest and increase in value! This is probably the one thing players are most interested in as players who were capped at 25b max gems can now start earning again & increase their wealth.

Most players assume that with this update will also come new pets, and some other things we haven’t head about yet!

Wrapping Up

This is about all that we know about the new update right now, but there are only 4 more days until the update is finally out! Are you excited for this weeks update?

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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